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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 1985
Categories: 1985 (
), Cars Assortment 2 (
), G1 (
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Reviews - G1 Red Alert

Decepticon Spike
Awesome figure, even with the lack of possabalty that G1 figures suffered from. Realistic car mode, though I've never seen a Lamborghini fire car. Good used of the Sideswipe mold.
Love this mold in particular, very realistic in car mode. Shame on the head, should be red. Lack articulation most than the other G1 cars
Bass X0
Red Alert is a Fire Chief's car: a repaint from Sideswipe, a realistic looking Lamborghini. Strange, but Red Alert made it acceptable. Head is black not red like in the cartoon but the toy came first. Simple to transform, no articulation except shoulders.
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