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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 1985
Categories: 1985 (
), Misc. (
), G1 (
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Reviews - G1 Omega Supreme

His alt mode is nice, with a battery operated tank that rolls on the treads of his base (although not really not an earth mode). His bot mode is cool, but not too posable other and the arms and head. But he a few loses points for being a parts-fomer.
Easily my favourite classic Transformer! Spectacular, huge, very posable arms. I prefer the faceless toy to the cartoon, makes the character more menacing, even if he's a good guy! Complex transformation, but worth taking all the time to do it.
As a Kid, I dreamed of having one Omega. Thanks to Encore I have one now (actually I like this one better, because of the lights and the face. The tallest Autobot (Fortress aside of course), this guy sure will kick Devastator anytime he wants.
This guy is big. Like Metroplex big. I love the tracks and the fact that he lights up and moves in vehicle mode. But, he loses points for his complex transformation and the snap on parts. Iconic, yes but not as posable and sturdy as I wanted.
I want to see devastator battle this guy its pretty obvious who would win but he has a giant claw for no reason thats awesome
Freakin' Awesome, He Can Fight With Almost Anybody Even My Godzilla Toys
Tidal Wave 2.0
one word to describe this bad boy...i cant even think of a word hes that good! hes huge,powerful,nice transformation (for a take-apart-a-con) if u find him on ebay for a decent price BUY HIM!!!!
Come on - do you need a reason? He's Omege Frickin' SUPREME! Probably my abs fav of the 84/85 series. HUGE. Walks, lights up... And although his legs don't pose, I was surprised at the articulation in the arms!(And almost 25 years later it still works!)
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