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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2002
Categories: 2002 (
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), Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) (
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Reviews - Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) Nightcruz, Mirage GT, Scavenger

WOOW more repaints alsomey sweet
I hate repaints 'specialy when you can still find the BM versions in KB's clearence bin! Hasbro's money grubbing side in effect here nothing more nothing less, also red bumps over sparks! That's just weak! EVILMUS PRIME
Sideshow Sideswipe
A great redeco of the three, recieved as a gift, but glad I did. Really like the Vehicons, most have great designs. The only reason I give a nine instead of ten is that Scavenger should never have been produced at all. I really think he was a mistake.
I'm not the biggest fan of repainting old figures and passing them off as new. But you could at least give us an origin and some tech specs. These are just repaints with no character. Hard to get into them, that's why they're still in the box.
Primus on a stick. This is pathetic Giving Vehicons bad paint jobs. Hasbro pull your head out of your exhaust ports. You didn't even bother to change out the sparks!!!
Dark Law
NC=Easily the best.S'ger=Least favorite too Armed for an Autobot.MGT=I like the color scheme Hes diffrent colors in each mode. Would have prefered Sunstreaker as a name.Story idea=Pred trio defected, got reformated which explains looks; DS=NC GS=MGT S=S
Why! Why did I buy repaints? Why! I don't understand! I had them, and I didnt like them, and now I have the exact same ones and the new color dosent help. It was too ambitious to let the computer designers design for the show before toys were made.
the molds still reek of vehicon, though ncruz and scav have nice colors. i like to tihnk of them as the "dinobot"s(from bw) in rid, defected from vehicon to autobot. some new names would be nice too. same ol' great toys tough. great to play with
The colors are wicked, awesome characters too. We got the speed, air attack, and ground power. One wicked combination of Autobots. I love Nightcruz's color scheme. Great overall appearance.
cool. the colors could be better, but otherwise cool. i see these three as renagade autobots due to the menacing apperances.
A surprisingly good set of toys at a reasonable price (more so for me, since I found mine on clearance at Target). Mirage-GT should have been named Yellowjacket (which I call mine). Still, nice transformations, and a good price. A good set overall.
GT's yellow is really neat. Scavenger is a great looking bot but his vehicle is a bit too menacing for an Autobot. Nightcruz has a cool but evil looking bot but his airplane is a bit too blocky looking. Mouth on the plane remind me of an Attack Pack toys
note: some of you dis like the yellow GT guy But I then see people Praise the tardy yellow hot spot!?! o yeah I really like this set the paint jobs and evey thing I kinda see them just chillen on cybertron while the others are on earth
This is a cool three pack in as far as the characters are concerned, but their colors are lacking. Mirage GT should have been true to G1 Mirage and Scavenger should actually look like a construction vehicle, Navy Blue? Nightcruz is the best!
Bat X-9
This is a nice pack considering these are my favorite beast machines toys along with the Ultra Jetstorm but I hate Mirage GT's colors(Spot-on-Smooth's ideas for names are good)
Scavenger and Nightcruz look realy good, and Mirage GT (why the GT) would be better if his vehicle mode colors didn't make him look like a Bootleg. The clear black plastic does look nice tho.
The only good one of them is Nightcruz (he's the jet, right?) which I always use as a Vehicon air drone. Scavenger's only good part is that I can use him instead of the BMach one (which has his arm busted off.)
these guys would get a perfect 10, but their colours are gross and they dont look like figures that would be part of RID
Rating mostly because of Versitility. You can use them in BM or RiD. I think it was a bit of a weird idea to put them in RiD considering they look very futuristic. Also I think the names Air Raid, Rumble, and Dragstrip work better with the color schemes.
AirAttack OP & Megabolt re-energize my opinions of BMach & w/ Armada right around the corner, it's hard for me to be excited about anything RID. That said, it's a decent trio. Nc's colors: VERY cool. Original vehicon form of Scv & M-GT looked cooler
For a set of three regulars, it's not a bad buy. I really like all of the new color schemes, all better than the origional colors except Mirage GT. I think that Vehicon Mirage looks great. Nightcruz is one sweet lookin' jet. All confincing Autobots.
The most interesting things to me about this team is what was done to make these (great) vehicon molds look like Autobots. Fantastic new color schemes - Nightcruz's robot mode being the least convincing Autobot. But what is their story? Are they a team?
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