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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
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Reviews - Animated Blackarachnia

The tiny feet cost her a point but otherwise awesome. a must buy.
shes a good toy great character development in the series not at all what i'd call one to write home about but still good
I'd like this toy more if it could actually stand in bot mode. It's a great mold, though, and very poseable. Awkward weapon holding in robot mode, but neat concept overall. Looks great, fun transformation.
great likeness to the original but the fangs fallout like crazy...
The King
It looks EXACTLY like the one on the show! The best female transformer yet.I think that the grappling hook is so much fun. I donn't like the head, the back of it is all red. Also, the fangs pop of easily, but overall, it's a great toy. Must buy!
As some of you know I am a big fembot fan so I naturally like this one. Took off point for a few flimsy parts like fangs detaching and also for the way too fast grapple hook. Now if only they would get us animated arcee or universe moonracer
Neat and fun to hang to my desk Blackarachnia, is far better than I previously thought. It also actually looks like a female whitout having to use shellforming!my Decepticons now have a girl to drool for.
Really nice spider made, though not fond of the 3rd legs (bot arms). Bot mode is bad, arms & legs don't pose well and the fangs always fall off. Points taken off for the arms and legs.
Great to see a BW character get recast. This mold is not without its flaws but it is still great FUN. Wicked transformation and nice head sculpt.
alsome that ive found the animated wave two because i got her and ratchet and jazz to me the beast mode is ok to me the best thing abount her wound most be the robot mode because it is just so kick butt
Hylian Pirate
This fig emphasizes robot mode over spider. I dont know why people are having such a time posing her. I havent had any problems yet. My only issue is that the screws are on the outside of her bot legs. Thats a toy nono. Fun to change and looks great.
Very show accurate, decent size for a deluxe size. Transformation isn't too bad to robot and back. Seems a little flimsy too me and not very posable in robot form. I will be keeping her as a spider. 6.5/10
really looking forward for this one only to be kinda dissapointed. as others had mentioned she feels very cheep and frail, kinda how the space mincon team felt. way afraid of breaking her each time i transform her. very show accurate however.
Tho it's a bit tough to pose in bot mode w/ her small feet, this toy is easily the best Blackarachnia toy ever made. Show accurate, spider legs are creepy & fun! great styling/sculpt, fun transformation & web shooting play value. NO Q.C. issues here!
I am surprisingly pleased by this figure. Not the greatest of spider modes (you can clearly see her hands), but overall not bad.
i picked her up on a whim while hunting for Prowl, i'm kinda glad i did. she looks good in both modes, but feels very light and delicate. transformation is no problem, but legs can fall off. her feet are too small, so she can't stand very well.
Not one of the best of the Animated so far. Fangs fall off too easily. Not one of the better "beast" bots that have come down the line. Show accurate however. Pass on this one til last.
Fangs/mandibles pop off too easy and the vertical pieces should be the same color as the horizontal pieces. Gimmick works, though I don't have much to attach it too. She does stand easier than her Transmetal 2 counterpart and why is her Con symbol yellow?
Show accurate model but feels a bit cheap compared to other figures. The tiny fangs pop off at the slightest touch. Also seems to be the hardest to stand and one of the least posable in the line so far.
The only Animated I don't really like. Feels cheap, feels too light, feels plastic-y and rubber-y, transformation is boring. Good sculpt but not very fun to play with compared to the other Animated figures.
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