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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Voyager (
), Animated (

Reviews - Animated Cybertron Mode Megatron

o great one
I really liked this megatron. The only thing that gets me is the cannons too big for his body. I guess the alt form could also be some kind of weird cybertronian tank. But still lots of fun for anyone who likes megatron.
When I first got this figure I hated it! But I've come to like it, great posability, good homage to G1 Megatron and I got him for almost half price! Recomended
max the 2nd
mans its been to two in a half years and i still do'nt know with way is the front of the jet also ive been playing the rotf game on the wii all day lol
This is hands down the worst TF I've ever owned. Legs fell off right out of the box (peg knees? What?!), the gun/sword is ridiculously awkward in bot mode, and the figure just doesn't fit together well in either mode. A sad, terrible abomination.
Hot Rodimus
The robot mode looks nice, but the vehicle mode is just competely insane. Plus, the cannon is a bit big.
Could have been so much better. I can't tell which end is foward in vehicle mode. The legs are too big. The gun won't stay in place. The sword gimmick is lame. Good for display though.
I'm giving this toy what it truly deserves. There is no such thing a terrible toy and every smart person knows. The colurs are perfect and the alt-mode looks just like the one in the show. Even the robot mode looks like the one in the show!
It's not bad...I guess. It is, however, quite fragile in vehicle mode, and it doesn't look anything like on the show. Still, the robot mode looks good, and feels well. Good for Megatron fans and completists, okay for all others.
Alt-mode is junk. Looks stupid. Canon conversion is almost broken and doesn't position well in bot-mode. Pic on box is impossible to do. Bot-mode looks good, but suffers from heavy gun in awkward spot so hard to stand up. Sadly another bad megatron mold.
I like that Hasbro made some cybertron one in this line. Robot mode is awesome, well sculpted and show accurate. Transforming him isn't too bad but the gun falls off which I think makes it easier to transform. Great Colors too. I gave him a 8/10 *'s
Looks nice, but the gun keeps falling off. I don't mind that much.
As decepticon_mark said, probably the best Megatron mold in some time. The colors are awesome, though the light grey color would have been better darker or silvery. Though very strange the alt mode is awesome, as is the bot mode. The Automorph is sweet.
The only thing keeping this guy from being a ten is his bulky cannon, it feels like its too cumbersome compared to the rest of the figure.
Having both the Earth-mode and Cyb-mode Megs, I can say that the pre-Earth Megatron is well-sculpted in robot mode, despite the exposed back (explains why he got owned by the overloader Starscream used on him, though). Great articulation and colour.
Tiny wee hands, very clunky weapon that doesn't seem to sit right in either mode. Vehicle mode is just a mess. Good imposing styling in bot mode, but overall not a strong offering. Wait for the earth-mode version.
Great Megatron except for how his arm cannon doesn't seem to be in the right place. Odd alt. mode, but I guess that's why they call it "Cybertron" mode.
lord megatron
I picked this guy up on the way home from botcon. pretty good articulation in the arms and legs. I really like how his feet bulge out towards the bottom.
In my opinion, the best Megatron mold in quite some time. Very unusual alt. mode. Cannon though seems like it could have been done better as far as how it is positioned on the arm. It also can pop off easily if you move it out to extend the sword blades.
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