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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Voyager (
), Animated (

Reviews - Animated Optimus Prime (Earth Mode)

best of the optimus figures from this line. just wish the axe was better. but gigantic axe is a winner for me
Another Voyager for half price! A very nice figure good homage, great posability and an awsome transformation gimmick! What more could you want. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!
awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
max the 2nd
yay thank you best buy all brand new toys hope they make a np or um repaint
A good toy but hasbor could have mad it better.
devastator 217
man this guy is awsome but my water gun on the toy is mest up. I love both modes and his acuracy to the show. I dont understand his gymik with his waist. :(
I actually kinda like the gravity spin part, which I initially thought would be lame. Solid figure, glad they included the facemask, poseable. My one beef is that the little red bar on the axe seems pointless and is always snapping off. Good overall.
Human Error
I'm a little disappointed with this Prime. Aside from his axe he is very show accurate but thats really all he has going for him. The "Gravity Spin" gimmick is awkward and unnecessary. Why does the Autobot leader not have an Autobot insignia!!
Great figure. His Automorph gimmick is decent. Reminds me of the old Basic Class Beast Wars figures. His Axe isn't show accurate at all, but the figure itself really is. Great figure. Hopefully it'll eventually get a Nemesis Prime repaint. Recommended.
Best Transformers Animated Optimus Prime yet! Better than all the other Transformers Animated Optimus Primes. I like his axe weapon. Only wish his feet would swivel when he stands.
This Prime is just Prime. Aside from his wobbly waist flaw, this is the best version of TF:A Optimus yet. And the giant axe from the Battle Begins set fits perfectly with him. I don't get why they didn't give it to him in the first place. Great fun is he.
Yep...a 10. Movable mouthplate, good transform gimmick, show accurate, posable...we have a winner! Only problems are in the axe's look and the loose waist, but it's still the best Animated toy i've bought! Get it now!
the c stir
pretty good in bot mode i have a couple complaints 1. his shoulders are loose, 2.too big of axe and to small trailer, 3.just like what bikertrashwolf on youtube said about suctimus the gimmick doesnt work. overall i give it an 8 for show accureteness,
Nice figure with the following exceptions that keep him from being a 10, the axe is horrible and the waist gimmick doesn't work well at all. The shoulders also tend to block posing the arms. Cybertronian Prime or Prime from the DVD pack are both better.
Not Bad. I gave it an 8 because how you transform him is if you press a button on his butt and his crotch rotates into the proper form for robot mode. Hasbro, no more features in that area please.
Hylian Pirate
The ax may be lame, but at least it stows in truck mode. Both modes are awesome and very show accurate (not the ax) Transforming would be more fun without the spinning gimmick. Also, my shoulders are really loose and things like to pop off. Great fig tho.
This is one of my favorite animated figures yet. Very show accurate in both vehicle and robot modes. The only things that prevent him from a 10 score is his axe is kinda dumb and his waist is kinda loose in robot mode. Great voyager class TF. 9/10
Ax is nice but inaccurate. With the mouthpiece down it looks like he's wearing a turtleneck. The left shoulder on mine is too tight making that forearm pop off. They should have put something to stop the gimmick from over spinning.
Megatron 4.0
I really like this tf. Fairly easy transformation,poseable... My only complaints are that the axe is inaccurate and there are miledly flopy elbow joints. I personally dont mind the auto morph but i dont get why he has no autobot symbol
wow, i can't believe how disappointed i am. alt mode is fine, a little small. the transforming gimmick actually hurts his score. he looks great in bot mode, but my shoulders and elbows are too loose. the axe is just silly. buy Cybertronian deluxe first.
I love this figure. Its very show accurate with a lot of detail and articulation. My one complaint, that which keeps it from being a 10, is the spinning leg gimick. It's overboard and over complicates a really solid, simple figure.
Bass X0
He's above average to me. He's not bad at all but I was expecting so much more from a Voyager. He is a decent representation of the show character, he has perfect articulation in robot mode and his transformation is okay. But first opinion was pretty low.
Best version of Animated Prime so far. Nice and tight in truck mode, simple but effective transformation and gravity spin gimmick, poseable robot mode, movable mouthplate, axe, gun, it has everything you want for in a Prime. Impressive.
i have him he is awsome
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