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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Battle Begins VS pack (
), Animated (
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Reviews - Animated The Battle Begins: Optimus Prime (battle damage) vs. Megatron (metallic)

I don't really mind the loose joints; these two are VERY posable, and I like that. Fun transformations, too. My problem is that my OP's face keeps falling off. Other than that, good, but gets an 8 because meg's vehicle mode is just lame.
My OP Can't even stand in robot mode because his joints on his legs are so loose. Megs is OK in Cybertron Jet mode. Also hard to stand in robot mode due to loose joints in his legs. OP OK in truck mode.
Putting aside DVD and Megatron,terrible figure, the set is worth it just for the Prime and his axe. Battle damage is forgiveable as there isn't much on Prime and he is a good blend of G1 and the Animated character. Don't care for the "action punch" thing.
Reduced 1 point for megatron's vehicle form and 1 point for the waist gimmick where you have to push past the gears to get optimus's back wheels lined up. Otherwise very cool even the samurai jack style battle damage is forgivable.
Wheelie Is My Name
Awsome. Better than the movie line cybermode. The best deluxe prime ever. Nothing to complain about. Animated series are better than I thought
wow my frist animated toys well on one monday morming i went to toys R us and they were ful of them but to me this prime is sort of the littie bro to classics prime megatron is sort of beween 10 and 9
Wasn't as impressed with these. The "battle damage" looks stupid and my Megatron doesn't want to stand up very well. The legs seem loose, like they don't want to hold his weight. Optimus Prime is decent though.
Megs coloring is great (better'n Voyager). Looks awesome as as bot, not so much as jet. Tho too small next to other TFA figs, OP's G1 colors are awesome! Show accurate axe alone makes this a worthwhile buy tho I don't like the 'cartoony battle damage.'
Fun and decent set, but spring-loaded waist gimmick is questionable and the battle damage deco looks terrible on both figures. The Prime mold is good, very G1-esque; Megatron is bit lazy with his detachable cannon, but better than Voyager Meg in bot mode.
Soundwave the Scion
Totally awesome!!!!
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