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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Legends (
), Universe (
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Reviews - Universe Legends Red Alert

and awesome cybertron hotshot repaint. with good articulation and a cool massive autobot symbol on the front of his car mode. I recomend him he's awesome if you see him pick him up.
So so legends figure. Paint app on face is awful. Very similar transformation to the original mold of the Cybertron Hot Shot. Pass on him unless you're a completist or a fan of the mold.
For the 4th repaint of an old mold, it's decent. Nice big autobot logo, big red face, decent sculpt. It would be nice if he could raise his arms forward, but he can't-- so he's OK, but not as good as some of the 2007+ Legends molds out there.
Bass X0
Vehicle mode looks fine; the red paint really makes it look more interesting than had it just been a white sports car. However this makes for a bland robot mode cuz most of the paint is on the alt mode. The original two Hot Shot's robot modes look better.
the c stir
get this guy if you like the hotshot from the cybertron ledgens
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