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Release year: 2008
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Reviews - Universe Prowl

Prowl is one of my favorite guys & upon learning of this guys release I overhyped him, which results in a lesser score. The car mode is great & the robot is good, but is loose in some spots and his legs make him look like he cant's stand straight up.
good figure a must have. qc is off with paint and doors but apart from that pick him up and enjoy
must have figure
I have the door issue as well, and the paint on mine is very, very shoddy. Other than that, the posability of the robot mode is fantastic, while the look and feel of both modes is very classic and fun. A good figure, just make sure to check the paint.
So far I haven't managed to transform him without popping the doors off. Issues with fitting everything in, but it snaps together nicely. I liked Prowl's G1 transformation better, but okay, folding rear is easier. Looks good, but could have looked better.
I have mixed feelings with this figure. I like his alt mode but his head bothers me (think its the neck) and his gun is quite poor in my option. An ok figure looks good with the other classics/universe but could been better.
devastator 217
Man wtf is up with his paint that is two of my transformers that have pelling paint!!!!! but other than that he is pretty good if it wasn't for the paint problem he would gat a 8 out of 10 but he gets an..........look up thear. >(
only problem is the paint problem...
Can't say I'm that impressed. Car mode looks nice but is a pain to get to clip together properly. Transformation is good and involved. Robot mode is quite loose on mine, and the arms are a pain to get to pose.
I got Silverstreak first, and prefer him over this one. Same transformation and (mostly) mold, but the head mechanism seemed better on Streak and Prowl's white was almost too white. There's a lot to like here-- especially for fans of the character.
Electro Boogie Bot
How sweet it is! The Bad: The paint job could be better. The doors pop off too easily when transformed. It doesn't roll very well in car mode. The Good: The robot mode makes up for all of that. Prowl looks great! He also has excellent poseability. Nice!
excellent homage to the original transformation is good save the door which can be a pain and the gun is tricky to store in car mode but a worthy addtion to the transformers line
Rodimus Prime
Prowl is an excellent homage to his G1 counterpart. The only complaint I have knocking him to an 8 are the flimsy doors that are bothersome during transformation. Other than that, Prowl is an excellent addition to an astounding line. Worth the purchase
Doors pop off if you don't get them just right. Until it was mentioned I didn't notice the missing badge. I like the missiles folded down for more cartoon accuracy . Window tint problem must be just on that one becauce mine is fine.
Human Error
He seems rather bland, the alt mode just doesn't do it for me. I cant put my finger on it but he is just lacking something in his alt mode. I like the Autobot symbol that is tampo-graphed on the new classics but would prefer a "Rub sign".
I've always loved the G1 Prowl and wasn't sure about this one. I am really impressed and I think he is the best out of this wave. Would have been a 10, but they didn't do the best job on the paint.
Great articulation, awesome figure but the only complaint is that his head looks a little too big on him, and it kinda looks like it sticks out more than it should. Im guessing its going to grow on me but for now it looks a little... awkward
anonybot again
Don't get your's dirty or wet.The paint will smudge! Ugh.I've never had a problem like this with a Transformers toy, even if it's my own fault. On another note, excellent car mode because original was also a Nissan (Datsun)Z.
Wow the new classic series is like a mini masterpiece set. only big complaint is the fragil doors and skimping on some paint apps. love the head looks like he jumped out the t.v and came to life.
Good quality control on mine, thankfully. Amazingly g-1 accurate, and more importantly, excellent sculpt and poseability. Weapon storage is a big fail, however. The only way it fits into the nook makes it project below the bottom of the wheels.
Great toy! Extremely accurate to G1! These are the kinds of toy molds they need to be making for Classics.
megatron has a kitty kat
this is the best prowl ever!articulation is amazing.though i wish he was a police lamborghini
Hylian Pirate
Prowl is a great figure. The "missing badges" dont detract from the figure at all. Hes a great homage to the original in both modes. Transforming is fun while still being relatively easy and the robots posability is great. Wings and guns are a nice touch.
i wasn't as impressed as i hoped. his sides are fagile, and paint job is uneven due to different plastics. he's a great homage to his G1 self, but i would have thought he'd be the best of the first wave... Sunstreaker is better though.
Good poseability,love the cannons are attached at shoulders.Loses points for plain appearance and for the fragility of the door/fender sections. Very G1 accurate. Good transformation. A definite add to your collection.
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