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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
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Reviews - Universe Galvatron

Figure is a big let down. Transformation is far too difficult and frustrating, and joints are loose so I have trouble posing him. This figure clearly should have been a Voyager sized figure instead, it'd easily have been a 10...as is though he's average
His left leg keeps falling off, but its a great figure
The Unicron
Good toy but my arms fall of but i fixed it so it does not pretty good withstands lots of pressure
get him. what an update. i would be ranting for hours if he had mor articulation in his legs. what an amazing mold
I really like this figure and well worth his money. i like the detailing on both modes and has a really nice transformation but beware his left arm will come off. but apart from that i prefer him to classics Megatron awesome.
devastator 217
OMG!!!! this guy is the hardast transformer to transform in my hole collection but it is worth the 2 modes. really really close to the real galvatron if you are really good at transforming transformers go ahead and pick him up. :]
Though he often transforms his own legs off, I like the complexity of this mold, and the homage aspect of his alt form. A bit clumsy in various ways, but overall another good universe figure. If only his legs didn't constantly detach...
Tank mode is nice, and does a good job of hiding the purple parts. All in all a stable and somewhat realistic mode. Transformation is enjoyable and fresh. Robot mode is good but not that stable. Parts do tend to pop off, but I still like it. Worth a buy.
If it had a different head and wasn't called Galvatron, you'd hate this poorly designed toy. For a toy designed for small children, it falls apart far too easily and if I got it as a kid I'd assume it broke. Don't apologize for Galvatron-- demand better.
I was actually very impressed with this guy he is neat in a way that reminds me of cybertron deluxe unicron. We just dont get that many unicron/galvatron toys so to me most of the ones we do have are awesome. More complex transformation than usual also.
Wheelie Is My Name
He's not that bad. Definately not the worst transformer ever. Any G1 tranformers after 1987.
Worst Transformer I've ever owned!!! Every piece except for his head falls apart too easily. even his legs fall apart when transformed sometimes. He barely even stays together in tank mode. Why even bother?
megatron has a kitty kat
cool, but i think galvatron has the kitty kat for now.grabbed him on the 25th.
Electro Boogie Bot
Even with all the negatives about him, Galvatron is still a very cool Transformer. Sure he's a little small, sure he's very complex to transform, and certain parts do pop off way too easily...but I still like him. It makes for a great display piece.
Looks good if a bit undersized, both tank and robot modes are nice looking colors are good, the Transformation is harder than it should be, and his limbs fall off far too easy, better for display then to play with, for Collectors yes, for play no
Too small,limbs fall of too easy, not an original alt mode.Hard to stand up in robot mode.The complexity would have been easier to work with if it was an ultra.I only recommend this one for kids if the parents want pieces of it scattered around the house.
He is in scale with most of my G1 collection without towering over them in a ridiculous manner. i like his articulation and different ways he can pose with the cannon like in the generation 1 cartoon. This is the leader of the decepticons.
Soundwave the Scion
A great replacement for the old one, at least this guy is mobile. Cool colours, cool gun, just a cool figure.
And we should rejoice that finally a affordable galvatron with a complex transformation and weapon!!!
WTF i dont care if others hate this fig detailed tank, cool mancing robot mode that is very galvatron and its not loose it on the way you handle the toy really love it! "Don't hate the toy, hate your own toy handling."
Ok,loose joints,falls apart at times, and should have been a voyager. That said overall a decent figure. Good complex and fun transformation. Like the idea of a tank instead of a laser gun alt mode. Good head sculpt. Best of the universe/classics so far.
An abusive friend. Love Galvatron, don't love the toy. The coloring is a little off, the limbs fall off, the joints on mine are loose, and the pieces don't hold together well despite there being numerous tabs, slots, and pegs. A disappointing toy.
Human Error
I dont know where all this hate about the complexity of his transformation is coming from. Honestly since when does complex transformation hinder the value of the figure? He loses a point for for having way to many "Stress points" but all around he's cool
a little unstable and good robot mode but he likes to fall apart
Pieces fall off and a bit complex for deluxe. I like the robot mode.
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