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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
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Reviews - Universe Acid Storm

decent figure nothing more
Just like Starscream-perfect,but why not Thundercracker
max the 2nd
same here mes got hims with tankor and first movie starsceam mes going to make a red repaint called bloodstorm alwsome lol
megatron has a kitty kat
i got him on the 15th along with tankor. he is one of my favorites. cant wait for g1 starscream next month!!
igot him yesterday at wal-mart and he is easy to transform into robot and back into the plane and he is my favorite transformer
Electro Boogie Bot
I bought him, but I am not opening it. I've got it tacked to my wall at home. I already own Skywarp and Starscream, which are the same mold, so I know how cool this figure is. Now I am waiting for Cyclonus! Yes Indeedy! Cyclonus rules the sky!
the design looks good very much in keeping with the classic decepticon jets, color schemem is nice, but i would have perfered one of the original deciption jets, perhaps Dirge or Thrust but a very nice transformer all around
Tidal Wave 2.0
i dont know wat the big deal is everyones making hes your standard seeker i mean yea he wasnt in any seires but niether were some other ones i say pick him up if u dont have a seeker
A straight repaint of Starscream in an homage nobody was expecting. I like his colors a lot, the cammo seems to work. I know some people would like Thundercracker, but he serves as nice "filler" of sorts.
I wasn't really sure about the blue mixed in with the green camo, but it looks really good in robot mode. Still not sure why a plane needs green camo, but whatever....
Pleasant. The original was great, and so is this-- it's like another addition to a Decepticon army. The mold is as good as ever, so if what you're expecting is a decent Starscream repaint, you'll love it. As repaints go, it's wonderful. More seekers plz.
Two too many Decepticon symbols, wings only Hasbro. I hope they release Sunstorm and that other guy, I know eHobby released Sunstorm as a repaint of the original G1 seekers.
Wheelie Is My Name
Why can't hasbro give us what we all want Thundercracker,dirge and thrust. I know they were botcon exlcusives last year. We all don't have thousands of dollors to spend on those. release to the general public.
Alas, another repaint, but of one of my favorite molds! Exactly the same as Classics Starscream, the shape of the missiles are dull but the black decepticon logo is awesome.
Another seeker jet is made. Acid Storm is based on a seeker from the Transformers G1 Episode "Divide and Conquer." I really like him. Besides Thundercracker was already released at BotCon so they chose him. Good job Hasbro!
Dash Cunning
Boy, I am SOOO glad that instead of giving us Thundercracker they decided to use the mold to give us THIS piece of garbage that never appeared in the old series. Thanks for desecrating the Classics line, Hasbro!
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