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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Voyager (
), Universe (
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Reviews - Universe Decepticon Heavy Load (with Drill Bit)

Picked this guy up loose on the aftermarket and despite not having instructions, I was able to figure out the transformation easily. Nice alt mode and cool robot mode, I love the head sculpt...not really sure what the weapon is under the drum
devastator 217
i got heavy load yesterday at meijer in the transformers section and he has a mini con drill bit a repaint of cybertron stripmine and heavy load is the repaint of cybertron quickmix with the a cyber key that goes on the right arm and he is my favorite
devastator 217
oh and to you (max the 2nd) the minicons name is Drillbit. ;)
devastator 217
this guy is awsome and really bulky and looks strong and even the minicon is neat but I dont like his gun the sides keep on falling off and it's really anoying. ;)
a great figure well worth buying. It's a cool repaint of quickmix from tf cybertron with good articulation and a good amount of playability this figure is a must have.
max the 2nd
wow just got it at traget and to me a very cool repaint but what is the minicons name
Soundwave the scion
A good fig, if like me you missed the original cybertron release. And in my opinion this one looks a lot cooler, I also like the constructicon paint job on drillbit.
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