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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
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Reviews - Universe Ironhide

Terribly disappointed in what should have been an awesome update. The vehicle mode looks terrible with all the seams, and after a difficult and frustrating transformation you are left with a mediocre robot that looks mistransformed even when not.
Superb robot mode,nice weapons,good poseability.Robot mode is just good as movie Ironhide,maybe even better..I rate him 9 bacause gaps in SUV mode are too big..nice update after 25 years
good figure with interesting compound weapon. if only his sides lined up better
Why so DOWN Ironhide? Felling a little BLUE?
I expected more from this figure beware his paint peels and I don't like how his head always looks down and screw heads very visable in robot mode. Good weapon gimmick and im impressed by his transformation. I just felt he could have been done better.
i was excited but this figure but the vehicle mode stinks
Synical Prime
What Hasbro was *attempting* would have deserved a solid 9. But the actual end product is pathetic. Lousy quality, and the design flaws are mind-boggling. You actually have cut out chunks of plastic to get him transformed right! Again, Hasbro spits on us.
A few gaps, a tendency to separate during transformation, and I still LOVE this figure. Incredibly poseable for a deluxe, great alt mode, and complex transformation makes this a figure I dig. The assets outweigh the flaws for me. Even the weapon is cool.
overall good. it may carry flaws including gaps in SUV mode,head not going all the way up in alt mode, and the way SUV looks as if it was a rubix cube. but overall it has a greatg look and easy to paint over it you want to customize it. i love it!!!!!!!!!
Problems with figure are as follows: head points down and cracks in alt mode. Other than that a complicated transformation makes for a fun figure with decent poseability. Great attempt at an updated Ironhide. Hope they fix the flaws before Ratchet hits.
Dr. Phil
It is nice to finally get an update of this classic character. However, this mold leaves me wanting for more. Vehicle mode looks too much like a puzzle and it should have had the Henkei yellow stripe. Robot mode has a head that won't completely lift up.
I just got Henkei Ironhide and he's definitely worth import! Nice robot mode. Vehicle mode's nice too! The whole design just screams old generation robot which is perfect for ol' Ironhide!
megatron has a kitty kat
im going to repaint his face and rims silver.then he will be a 10
Did the mod, he doesnt look down anymore. Still gotta recolor the face. Looks good, finally a good Ironhide! Wish he was a bit taller though.
Love it, but it's deeply flawed. The robot mode is so much fun to play with, the transformation is quite satisfying. However, the vehicle mode is gappy, and really doesn't fit together all that well. A for effort, C- for execution. Irresistable for <$8.
awesome, massive improvement over the G1 ironhide, faceis a tad odd but it seems to me it is close to the color of his face in the comics + cartoon, hope the do a ratchet remake. weaponis a bit odd wish the blade and gun barrels were longer.
Soundwave the scion
Best Ironhide ever made, I for one like the paint job and the dual weapon, and his blue face!!!
Say what you want about the mold,but he's a vast improvement over a red letter 'H' with no head.Can't hold his weapons with his karate hands,awkward gun,ugly SUV mode.Bot mode is somewhat better,looks imposing,but needs paint apps.Baby blue does not work.
Wheelie Is My Name
It doesn't matter what classic G1 character they remake. The entire classics g1 remakes are all cool. After 25 years they finally make an ironhide with a head.
max the 2nd
alsome it geart to see one of my faverite guys to be back
I like it, a good representation of the character. The wheels are a bit tricky to get in the back in robot mode and I'm not wild about the gatlin gun that turns into a sword, but easily a solid 9
well, he's got an interesting transformation, but the paint job is overall pretty bad. alt mode looks deformed due to all the seems. bot mode doesn't connect properly at the waist, but not a big deal. with some paint work, he'd be geat.
I refuse. Saw him in the store, and the gaps in the vehicle mode are just awful. I was hoping they would make new better molds of Ironhide and Ratchet, guess I'll keep on hoping.
Absolutely awesome poseability in robot mode-but 2 things knock off points. Gaps in SUV mode are forgiveable, but why can we not get G1 accurate paint apps? ALLSPARK BLUE windows clash in SUV mode & face is ALLSPARK BLUE! I will fix this soon - CUSTOM!!!
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