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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2003
Categories: 2003 (
), Super Base (
), Armada (
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Reviews - Armada Powerlinx Optimus Prime w/ Corona Sparkplug

Prime is a great toy, but a lot of his gimmicks get in the way. The talking faceplate causes mine to constantly have a lopsided mouth. The wires that let his arm light up broke within an hour of opening him. The trailer's auto-transform is just stupid.
I don't have prime but , iv'e got spark plug, he is good but his feet fall off easily
starscream himself
yök!this is stupid transformers optimus prime of all.
craigimus prime
not as good as the other optimus prime in armada however he is still good. I use him as ultra magnus.
Sweet, looks far better than the regular paint-app, I think it's just the red faceplate that sets off the whole scheme nicely. The trailer looks far sexier in its new colours, and Corona Sparklug just grabs your attention with his shiny gold scheme.
this is just what a true tf fan needs an op to match galvy, my smokestacks popoff a lot trailer not always tform with me powerlinx me goes better when i combine with e U.M. final battle powerlinx magnus me looks like i can kick some galvy butt
When I have him combined with his trailer and turn it off aargh! it automaticaly turns back in to trailer when I turn it back on, now I leave the trailer out and just combine him with Jetfire and Overload, The trailer isnt that cool anyway.
ben murphy
Looks like a rodeo clown. boo.
i like it.it looks cool in red.spark plugs kool.i like it when overload,jetfire and optimus fuse in veichal and the super robot thingy
Bluedragon8358/6 Jan 2004
When I got it from Christmas,this toy is so cool and looks like the cartoon version of Prime of all time in history! Though I'm still ticked off cause my dad won't let me buy the 20nth Prime toy off the net,Oh well.
Unicron -z 3000
Cool red coloring!!! Sparkplug looks weird with gold colors. Looks kind of like "Gold Bug" on G1. (Bumble Bee G1 Season 3 "Return of Optimus Prime part 2)
i think powerlinx prime is the GREASTEST TRANSFORMER EVER MADE IN THE ARMADA TOYLINE i havent got it yet but i'm getting it for xmas, but i've seen all the pictures of it and i reckon it's FANTASTICALLY AWSOME.
i like powerlinx prime but i think the origanol prime is way better, but corana sparkplug rocks,but don't get me wrong powerlinx is alright but i think the origanol prime is still loads better and can't be doubted.
i was not a huge fan of the original colours, but my god these colours totally changed my mind, he looks great. who ever said that prime had to have a certain colour scheme? and corona sparkplug, some one get me atowel to stop the drooling
Neon Green Brick Scavenger
Nice color scheme overall, but paint job lacks some of the details of the original. Also, from many of the pre-release pics it seemed darker, almost black. I'd like that better. Corona Sparkplug rocks!
Granted these aren't your usual Optimus Prime colors you have to admit Powerlinx Prime still rocks!! He's a way better color match with Overload than the regular Optimus. And the Corona Sparkplug minicon!? Awsome!!
ryan aka slamdance
this is the best prime ive seen in ages and if you ave da right set of figs you get to make the badass POWERLINXMAGNAJETCONVOY wich is da best powerlinx jetfire,overload(armada not energon)and power linx prime are best set combo
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