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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
Categories: 2009 (
), Deluxe (
), Universe (
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Reviews - Universe Dinobot

A fantastic figure. His raptor mode is very impressive, it looks sleek and avian. His robot mode looks very impressive and show- accurate. Since Dinobot was such a fantastic character, it's wonderful to finally recieve a toy that matches him in ingenuity.
Awesome update to a beast wars figure. not a perfect update but great.
ok what a cool figure. its the dinobot we all should have been given during bw. well his purple face is a worning to all about getting pissed off at rattrap without taking abreath. just wish he had better colouration
max the 2nd
me dinobot not predacon nor maxamal ever mes also got halo 3 odst lol
The only reason this toy ain't a 10 is that the best mode's sides on mine don't lock together properly. Mine's probably defective, though. This is a terrific little figure, and I strongly recommend this to BW fans everywhere!
Pretty good. Nothing that really stands out, but at the same time, nothing that really detracts. Proportioning seems awkward in beast mode, but insignia switching gimmick is cool.
I wanted to give him a ten, but just couldn't. The colors are wrong, (really purple) in some places and it should have a better sword. Otherwise the modes are great, and the hands and face are nice touches, besides I just gave him some paint and a sword.
Dr. Phil
I like the overall looks of the robot and beast mode a lot. However, I'm not a fan of the use of purple on this figure instead of blue. I also don't like the hands visible on the chest in beast mode. Glad I bought it but it could have been better.
Pretty good figure. Has an interesting transformation, but not too difficult. I wish his face was blue like on the show , but other than that a decent figure. His weapons are kinda bad, I wish he had a better sword.
Up til now, I have found every Classics/Universe release to be A+, top notch examples of how TFs should be made. I passed over Cheetor, and now I wish I had passed on Dinobot. The color is all wrong,legs are awkward, and his sword/rocket is 2" long!?
Dinobot's good, but not great. The shins are the most akward part of the transformation and the raptor's head keeps popping off. It's a cool figure and all, but could've been better.
Wheelie is My name
These new beastwar remakes are giving me new respect for the beastwars series. A cool transformer. easy to transform cool detail. I was never a beast wars fan.
I was skeptical, but it's a great figure. Would have been perfect if painted show accurately, but otherwise great. Hand options are a nice touch. Totally recommended for anyone looking for a good figure, but it's a must buy for diehard Beast Wars fans.
goods...( cool features, solid dino, decent weapons):) (bads... ugly chest in dino mode, purple face?????whats with that?????:` i will still get him though.
A + and - fig. For every + there is a -. Great show accuracy but poor poseability. Interesting transformation but at least on mine the dino head comes off during. Nice hand gimmick but the insignas are difficult to see on him. Love BW,get him.If not pass.
All in all cool transformer. Color scheme is a little hard to get used to but face is much more show accurate than original Dinobot. Ribcage and shin "bones" really cool plus two ways to configure hands. Hasbro really should have given him a sword.
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