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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Misc. Supreme (
), Universe (
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Reviews - Universe Unicron w/ Dead End (Toys R Us exclusive)

Unicron is one important reason why I bought many mini-cons.Also,it is a great part of my collection.I got it years ago but didn`t make a review.
great if you missed the armada version, but the legs are a bit hard to peg in the back. many, many, MANY places for mini-cons
Wheelie is my Name
I sold my armada unicron and used the money to buy this one. I haven't opened it yet. I had to exchange it last week because the box was kinda messed up. Any he's huge and he's unicron. was unicron a decepticon in the armada line ?
Nothing wrong with the toy, should have been retooled and recolored to match G1 better. I looked at one and didn't buy it. I already own the Armada version and the black Energon version.
La King
This toy is the big daddy of Transformers toys! It is awesome. Amd I mean it! It has tons of weaponary, and many features. I can't think of anything bad about it. It is a must have for collectors big and collectors small. A must have for any collection!!!
Why make the same exact thing only in a new box? No point if they didn,t fix his three major flaws. 1. Only half a planet. 2. only 2 claws per foot instead of 4. 3. Too much junk on his back. Hope they reissue Cybertron Primus.
Wheelie Is My Name
I have the original armada version. the greatest tf ever released. This one looses 1 pt. because hasbro did not retool it and make a full planet like primus. I'll buy it and keep in the box and sell it later for twice the money
alsome my mate sold it to me on ebay because i did not have the other one but on the other side very 10 out of 10
of a course a 10 hes the best ,cant go wrong . this is one reissue you have to get .there should be the black version also never got a chance to get hope they ship that one out soon ,maybe another exclusive somewhere else?
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