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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Hasbro Toy Shop (
), Universe (
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Reviews - Universe Nemesis Prime (Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive)

grate figure. get him. i'm thinking of getting the sword and trailer from fans project for him he is that good. - and debistater if you order the version from japan it works out much cheeper. £40 including p and p mine cost me so about $60 i think.
devastator 217
you know I can NOT an I mean NOT find him on hasbro toy shop.com or transformers.com at all except the afa graded one tha is like $200.00 ouch$$$$!!!!! :(
devastator 217
wear did you guys get him? :(
Mine doesn't seem to hold his alt mode together very well; hopefully it's just mine. I wish the windows were dark red instead of blue, but oh well. All in all, great figure and colors. Worth the $25, especially if you missed Classics Optimus or Magnus.
No surprises, except the black is really a blue color. Just really dark. Complete with Decepticon symbols, this is a black repaint you can be proud of. He begs for a giant red sword, but sadly does not include one. If you get only 1 black repaint...
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