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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
Categories: 2009 (
), Voyager (
), Animated (

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Reviews - Animated Shockwave

Both vehicle modes are rather weak but nice. Mine does have some pegging issues though. Bot modes are where this guy shines. Both are very distinct and frankly worth buying two of this guy. Only problem is in Shock form is that the legs are little wonky.
amazing figure. 2 robot modes and 2 alt modes makes this figure a must get. reminds of punch/counterpunch only ... cooler. not a 10 because the alt modes suffer a little and the con logo in longarm prime mode. i got him for £13 on offer
4 altmodes, a throwback to Punch and Counterpunch, an awesome character, and show accuracy make this well worth the purchase. I have absolutely no qualms with this figure whatsoever. Just...pick it up!
devastator 217
WOW is really all I have to say he is the best animated figure out thear in my opinon!!!!!!!! ;)
Actually Punch/Counterpunch was the first with two robot modes. They did an excellent job doing the Autobot spy mode for this one, could have fooled me. Wish there wasn't a symbol on the cannon, hard to hide it in Longarm Prime mode.
The King
A AWESOME figure! Shockwave is incredibly rare, so if you see him, you gotta get him-for good. This is the first Transformer with 2 robot modes. Longarm is clever, with the head, and Shockwave's posability rocks. A must have!!! I MEAN IT!!! REALLY!!!
Wow, this guy is great. Once you get the head transformation gimick down, it all falls into pace. Fantastic sculpt and show likeness.
He stands better in Decepticon mode with his gun/crane arm on his back. I like him better in his Autobot robot mode because he stands better.
he's a really neat guy. the weakest mode is the crane, but the tank makes up for it. the two bot modes are both solid. Longarm is stocky and sturdy, Shockwave is lanky and plain evil looking. only complaint is the gun, i wish it was an arm canon.
Great figure, alt modes suffer alittle since there are 4 modes however Longarm is nice and Shockwave is really great and poseabile. Longarm is very show accurate. Shockwave is as accurate as we've seen of him so far. A definite addition to your collection
shocky the spy
Best animated figure ever, totally show accurate, all around totally awesome!!!!
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