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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
Categories: 2009 (
), Leader (
), Animated (
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Reviews - Animated Roadbuster Ultra Magnus

only ultra magnus i could find in england. good figure without importing. interesting choice of colouration but it's nice enough. original i guess and gives magnus a caricter all of his own. is it just me or is magnus trying to become the next thor lol
Bass X0
This was the only version of Ultra Magnus that was sold here in England - I've been passing on it since it got released but couldn't resist when I saw it on sale for half price. Good mold, lots of features, simple transformation but with stiff hinges.
Remove the blue, and not call it Ultra Magnus, and maybe you've got something. Get the original, or if you're hankering for a repaint, Shadow Blade Megatron.
It's the same great mold in the most horrendous color scheme imaginable. Make it *just* TFA Roadbuster and color his head to match the rest of his body, and I'm interested. As is, it's a definite PASS for me, assuming you have the regular Ultra Magnus.
devastator 217
EWW what a baaadddd paint job and it looks like they ran out of paint wean they wear allmost done!!! >:(
This one isn't too bad. I like the mold, has some neat weapons. Nice nod to G1 Roadbuster, I do like the first Ultra Magnus better.
As leader classes go, this one is good. Nice, decently complex transformation with a cool weapon & lots of little hidden things. Very solid feel, and the robot form is one of the most posable leaders yet. Now I just need to get the Headmaster.
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