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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
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Reviews - Movie ROTF Ramjet (Walmart exclusive)

Great repaint of a great figure. the mold has its issues but I think it get much more flak that it deserves.
An average figure. The white paint scheme is gorgeous, but bot mode still leaves something to be desired. Articulation is acceptable and missle hands would be fine without the claws or vise versa. Jet mode is standard for seekers, with acceptable kibble.
max the 2nd
me twos come on hasbro make repaints that are alsome like in the ld days of the unicron toyline
devastator 217
OHHH good lord onother repaint of this mold how manny of them do we need? I cinda wish they would repaint the revenge of the fallen mold.....would you? :)
I love the toy. I wish he had hands instead of guns. He's just like skywarp, thundercracker, and 2007 starscream. Except he has a round head.
g2 dreadwing
the wal*mart ramjet is a repaint of 2007 voager starscram, it has a good job however they could painted his knee and leg but this is a good to have in your tranformers collection
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