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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
Categories: 2009 (
), ROTF Leader (
), Movie ROTF (
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Reviews - Movie ROTF Optimus Prime

Not my favorite figure, but still neat. Very complex, fun transformation, cool weapons (though my swords get hung up a lot). Nice an posable, but could have easily included a blaster or something as an additional weapon.
They changed enough to make this a new mold. A lot more complicated transformation than the 2007 movie Leader Class Optimus Prime. I like the double swords & how they fold away. WAY BETTER than Leader Class Megatron. Overall, a great Optimus Prime.
I just found this and Megatron at a Super Target and I didn't know they would be out yet. I am already glad they didn't use the same mold as before. Two swords, very nice. The 1 phrase is getting old already.
who is prime
omg omg thank you france the only thing is the big a.s feet and when you transform it he keeps saying I AM OPTIMUS PRIME STILL A LITTLE BETTER THAM THE FIRST ONE
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