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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
Categories: 2009 (
), ROTF Voyager (
), Movie ROTF (

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Reviews - Movie ROTF Mixmaster

unamed the named8945
amazing toy fun to transform (but complex) instructions are confusing and some ball joints can be loose (it may just be mine but one of the hinges were on backward messing up the transformation just a little)
gave him this rating because although his robot mode rocks and looks verry ape like and vehical mode i can't find a flaw the turret mode just doesn't work for me. cool figure though. another figure that should have been given leader treetment
awesome, but to hard to transform to vehicle mode
the decepticons
that`s one of ours too.
Great vehicle mode, but alt mode is a bit too lanky, and cannon-mode is nigh-pointless. The cab on mine was put on in reverse, which makes it hard to transform correctly. Maybe I need more time with it, but it just feels like it could have been better.
tried to edit last review but it didnt let me.anyway very cool but this guy is tiny in mixer mode, he should be alot bigger for 23 bucks.
mr. y
great figure. The battle mode is okay (least after i improved it) now he looks more like a battle station.
megatron has a kitty kat
got him july 30th.onr of the coolest transformers in my opinion.triple changers ar the shiznit!.if you dont buy this one you are missing a great decepticon>:)
looks cool in mixer mode, decent robot mode, OK cannon mode, but still on the wall for buying him or not.... i will get either him, voy megs, breakaway, or mudflap. i want to buy two of the 4, but which ones should i get?????
max the 2nd
man he must su?? cause at toys r us has to many of him sitting to under the stand
iv had this guy about a wee, and i am totally sold. at first, yes his transformation is intimidating and the instructions are unintelligible but if you stick with him, the poses are endless. also i have found that his 3rd mode can go 2 ways. highly rec!!
loved him. a little difficult to get back in alt mode. but really good. maby i will get the G1 deco version
Found this guy at wal-mart today and I have to admit i'm surprised at his complexity. while the alt-mode looks a little puny at first the bot really unfolds to a rather intimidating stature. still a bit lost on the true way his arms should be though.
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