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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
Categories: 2009 (
), ROTF Human Alliance (
), Movie ROTF (
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Reviews - Movie ROTF Human Alliance Sideswipe

worst of the human alliance series. horrible back kibble. i cannot stand him up on his feet. when i opened him from box, his arms and hands are very loose.
grate figure. not as eligent as the dlx but still grate. complaint is that epps is all legs. love the stands meaning he can remain static with out falling over. slight truble getting epps in the vehical mode but this is mor than likely me
An excellent toy. I love the new corvette concept and sideswipe's robot mode. My only problem: figures (Sam,Epps,Mikaela) can't sit in it's driver's side seat. the seat is forward. Aside from that, this is the HA figure I've had the most fun with.
Very cool the human alliance line is looking better all the time.
I just noticed this! HA Sideswipe has a battle mask! If you push up on his pointy chin, a flap raises up and reveals a face with lips like OP. It is very well hidden in the seems, but the flap doesn't have anywhere to go, so it stands up on top.
"D@mn I'm good!" Tho not quite as muchso as H.A. 'Bee, SS is still worth every penny. Backpack doesn't compact as much as I'd like & hip hydraulics limit pose-ability. But car & bot look stunning, great play value w/ Epps, sculpt/paint detail top notch!
Overall a great figure. Back-pack is big let-down. Arms don't have as much articulation at BB. Wish they would have made his blades firing missles instead of spinning. Detail is incredible and looks great with HA BB. Epps is awkward. HA line rocks!
Its a good figure over all, but not nearly as good as HA Bumblebee. Sideswipe is a bit buggy in transformation, haven't seen how "backpack tucks away nicely". Epps figure is all legs and small torso.
Went to Wally on midnight run and found him. Again I am amazed at the level of detail and cant decide if I like to display in bot or car mode. Joints are tight and backpack tucks away nicely. Poses well and looks awesome with Bee Swipe is smooth!
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