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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2009
Categories: 2009 (
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Reviews - Movie ROTF Jetfire

If awkwardness had legs, it would be Movie Jetfire. The transformation is needlessly complicated, kibble all over the place, and combined mode barely looks right. Plus, could you imagine a kid having fun with this figure, cuz I can't.
Overuse of Kibble, overly complicated, insanly complicated transformation. Dont get me started on the "belt"
If awesomness had legs (weak ones in this case) you get this guy! Combined mode could have used some work but can easily be modified with some creative transformation. I strongly recomend this guy!
megatron has a kitty kat
i got him last october i think kibble is present on this figure but combines with prime,has a good represantation of a sr-71.does not want to hold his cane but who cares i can get him to stand without it.behold the glory of jetfire a decent figure >:)
amazing figure. grate alt mode. grate old looking robot mode. if only he was in skail but not reely practical lol
devastator 217
I got this guy for X-mas from my grammy including op. and I have to say jetfire is nice but the transformation is a pain in the butt...on mine. :(
2 words "awsome figer" its fun to transfome and it looks old like the movie. i expaly love the sr-71 blackbird mode. but it all ways wants 2 sit down.............alot
awesome size, awesome look in both modes. however some parts can be a pain to position (both engines) and the xtra kibble in jet mode hurts it because the y could have done without it with a little more thinking perhaps even sacrificing the combined mode
Great figure; looks cool, decent posability. A bit much kibble in jet form, but can be forgiven for the size. Some parts require a bit too much force to change. Combined form is very cool, but again has a bit too much kibble. A very neat idea in all forms
Wow, just wow. Robot mode does a great job of representing his on-screen counterpart and the vehicle mode is simply massive! Wish there was less kibble under the plane but it's not so bad. Combined mode seems rushed to me, not too thrilled. Great Overall
draconis of nebulos
Robot mode suffers from key weak point-his knees; standing him takes careful precision. However, the combination mode is amazing and his alt mode is my favorite jet of all time. his alt mode alone would give him a 10 in my book.
AWESOME! The only thing I Don't like is his back piece. Falls off way too easy. But, makes a great gun for Optimus Prime.
Not a bad representation of the dirty trai...I mean, the big guy. What bugs me is that he is so massively out of scale with everyone. His Jet Optimus combined mode just hammers this home. Jet Op looks cool, but I still get hung up on scale.
Dr. Phil
I wish the undercarriage hid the robot more. Other than that, I can't complain - this is a solid (but not spectacular) toy. Robot mode is nice as is the combined mode with Optimus Prime. I don't regret buying Jetfire one bit.
Nice figure.Wish it could say more phrases than just his name.They should have added some lines from the movie.Can't wait until I get Optimus, and combine then together.
max the 2nd
man i can.t think of any other beeter fig i mean im to old for this cra? ;/
Awesome figure! HUGE vehicle mode and nice looking all around, though has some back kibble
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