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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
), ROTF Deluxe (
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Reviews - Movie ROTF Lockdown

One of the best toys in the line, right up there with Leader Starscream and others. Only, his hook is way too rubbery. Stupid one eyed kids.
Wheelie is my Name
The ROTF has been pretty lame except for a few figs. This is one the cool ones. Awsome in both modes. It's nothing like the animated version. Is the animated and movie feel to it. Definately pick this one up. Deluxes are on sale at walmart for 9.00
megatron has a kitty kat
a intersesting take on anime lockdown . one of my favourite 2010 figures. hook does prevent vehicle from rolling perfect but, if you slightly pull the wheels down you can get enough clearance. highly recommended due to detail,articulation, and height
Clunky, but not terribly so. Could stand to have a little more posability, but a good movie translation of an animated character. I like the asymmetrical robot mode ans spiky alt mode. Could've done without the rubber hook and gimp hand, but overall fun.
Falls apart easily, but looks really cool. Hook, hand overly rubbery. Were this not named Lockdown I probably would never have bought it. Prefer the animated one in terms of stability. If the arms didn't pop off I'd give it a 6. Expectations not met.
max the 2nd
whats up with everyone saying that this guy is ugly well to be frank i disagree with your statement sir [but you have apoint there [question is he really a new con in tf3][also got two weeks off work cause i hurt my back last week lol
Ugly...but appropriately ugly.Asymmetrical,no waist rotation,very limited arm articulation,requires extensive massaging to get into proper car mode.Well-detailed.More of a lateral move from Animated Lockdown,but at least he lost the child bearin' hips.
amazing figure. love the neck. only letdown is loose ball joint on left arm
awesome figure. but his left arm is way to loose
Fantastic articulation, check out his neck! Lives up to the animated character while maintaining the look of the movies, crazy tall for a deluxe. Must have. Only disappointment is his rubbery hook.
Pure awsomness! A must-have figure with great details and articulation!
Wicked upgrade for a wicked character! Both alt & bot modes get toned up. Hook on arm is huge, EMP nests in on left arm, and head has more articulation. Lockdown also keeps his tall, imposing robot mode. There is no bounty out of reach for Lockdown!
One word, Disappointing. He looks better than the Animated version only because he doesn't have super wide hips. I'm a huge Lockdown fan, but Hasbro have yet to release a decent Lockdown figure. This figure is OK, but nothing special
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