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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
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Reviews - Movie ROTF Brawn

Shellforming done right: kibble everywhere but it's well-integrated into armored bot mode. Highly poseable; massive chest+thighs w/tiny waist; overall a dramatic display piece. Guns stow in back kibble. A toy that gets more fun the more you play with it.
Awesome Update to everyone's favorite G1 Strong Bot! lets just hope they protected that shoulder better. easy Transformation and dual wielding pistols, you just can't go wrong.
The only thing that i didn't like is no gun holsters.
i got him monday at target in cleveland and the power core combiners bombshock w/ combaticons and smolder w/ chopster too at toys r us also on monday and those guys are my favorite transformers awesome rotf brawn
Big fan of this mold. Sure, I could do without the back kibble and no place to store his guns in robot mode, but the cool vehicle, neat robot design, and dual-pistols make up for it. Aesthetically cool, very posable, and just plain tough-looking.
megatron has a kitty kat
decepticon wreckers unite! brawn is back in one of the best nest figures ive seen yet absolutely recommended
You gotta love a guy who comes into robot mode already wielding a pair of blasters.
Back kibble is a minus, great update in vehicle mode, 20+ joints (swivels and balls). Huge arms. Head looks like GI Joe Steel Brigade. Pistols are ok, and may go in a drawer. Could serve as a Hardhead, too.
Brawn's upgrade rocks! Double blasters store in alt mode, pulse cannon used in both modes, sweet NEST vechile mode, and armor that can be tweaked while in bot mode. Brawn looks stronger than ever in bot mode. Tons of articulation for posing. Brawn's back!
Wheelie Is My Name
JazKeke, you might of got a bad one. The joints on my fig were super-tight. I thought I was going to rip one joints in half becuase it was so tight. The ROTF line has been pure garbage in my opinion, except for a few. This is one the few I like. Awsomwe.
Loose joints, obnoxious kibble that gets in the way of itself, and the guns don't have anywhere to store. Still somehow a slightly fun toy, but not really worth the $10 unless you're a Brawn fan. And who is?
He's too fat. Too much kibble. And he doesn't look that strong. I was disappointed by his giant head and head sculpt. His robot mode looks clumsy and weak. Is this guy the brains, brawn, or blooper? Who knows.
Nice nice toy! I consider this one as a large size deluxe coz of the width and the kibble. Twin Pistols and Shoulder Mounted gun are cool, makes Brawn look like he can kill a Con at any range! I just didn't dig alt mode colors.
I have to say,he doesn't look all that strong.Weak-looking shoulders and arm joints,extensive kibble.Would have worked better as Outback,who was a retool of Brawn and served as a gunner.Aside from fan whining,a solid entry in post-Bay movie figures.
Very nice figure. Has a fair amount of kibble, but without the kibble he looks very skinny. Nice weapons. Not much like his G1 counterpart, but this is ROTF, not G1!
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