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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2003
Categories: 2003 (
), Ultra ('03-'04) (
), Universe (

Reviews - Universe Optimus Primal

Go read the reviews of the 1996 release, for the mold. This version has a fresh paint scheme & put most main-line figs to shame at the time. An A+ fig...go get him if you can!
Kira Yamato
But I liked Lio Convoy and Big Convoy because their animal forms are really likeable for most people. I liked Animal Wars 2nd and Neo only, not the original. Sorry.
Kira Yamato
I don't want to upset Animal Wars fans but to tell you the truth, I really dislike Beast Convoy. I'm sorry, he is my least favorable convoys because I don't like the concept of a convoy turning into an ape. That really creeps me out.
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