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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
), 5-packs (
), Power Core Combiners (
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Reviews - Power Core Combiners Mudslinger with Destructicons

Brian L
I love Power Core Combiners in general. But the commander figure in this set drives me absolutely mad. The drones however are really spectacular in color scheme & modes. The set is actually worth getting though, to use the drones on another commander.
Big Mac
Another disapointment in the PCC line. has great promise,but has some design flaws. Arms are long and akward and take away from what would be an otherwise good figure. C-
good vehicle mode, grate looking thugish bot mode, so so torso mode. fantastic drones that look grate combined with any commander figure. looses a point for slender torso and another for wheels getting in the way but pick this guy up you won't regret it
Only loosing a point for some design issues, otherwise a fantastic set. Highly recommended
Probably the best drones of any set; they look great on any commander. Mudslinger is cool in vehicle and robot modes, but commander mode has a number of odd design choices & doesn't stay together well. Strange paint scheme, too. Great overall, though.
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