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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
), 5-packs (
), Power Core Combiners (

Reviews - Power Core Combiners Double Clutch with Rallybots

Had high hopes for this guy but he fails on so many levels. robot mode is really fragile and doesn't snap together or hold his form well, same goes for combined mode. Car is okay, but not enough to save this guy.
Double Clutch works fine on his own, but his combiner mode collapses easily. The drones work better with Leadfoot. Race Car Drone seems to be a homage to Lightspeed from G1. Connector tabs can get in the way of his arms.
Big Mac
I was very disappointed with Double Clutch. He comes apart very easily,I can barely transform him at all. he is kina clunky and akward. Buy at your own risk. D
Double clutch is fine on his own , a great scout class but he fails in combined mode.
A good 5 pack combiner compared to what we've had already, except that the combiner mode for double clutch is difficult to get to stick together around the arms and chest.
I actually like the commander mode for Double, but his robot mode is a little bit kibble heavy. The arms don't sit great on the commander mode, but overall, he looks good. His drones are a bit blah, and the color choices are strange, but overall, I dig it
Double Clutch really holds this set back. Its nice to have an Autobot car, but Huffer quickly took command of this team. DC is just a bad figure in both robot and combiner core modes. Nice vehicle mode though.
a pritty good set overall. the limps are kind of hampered by the wheels and in torso mode and there are a few qc issues in holding together in torso mode but still pritty good. better than wave 1
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