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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
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Reviews - Hunt for the Decepticons Ironhide

Much better than any of the Voyager Ironhide figures, and really movie accurate. Fun transformation and a blast to play with in both modes.
Ilove that they made a deluxe ironhide! It is nicely preporsioned. He has a nice little recon drone. It becomes his left cannon. I just wish it had a clip on piont.
He's actially way better than the Voyager.
perfect!!! with all its flaws and misgivings...it still rocks, Finally i get the whole organic alien robot concept for the movies...i am not a strict g1 inspired transformer collector anymore...
Nefarious Tumor
Really small for a deluxe, lame drone accessory, some missing paint apps, but overall a decent representation of Ironhide. I think it looks more movie accurate than the voyager, and it feels more solid in robot mode.
awesome figure. hes a little hard to transform but still great. the drone turrett is cool to
Ironhide might be small for a deluxe class, but he's obviously a quality figure with an accurate truck mode and a robot mode that in some ways represents his look in the movie more than the voyager version. It's one of the must- have movie deluxes.
A neat shrink of Ironhide, but his chest feels very clumsy, his head never sits quite right, and the windshield behind his head sits weird in robot mode. Overall, though, poseable, cool looking, and has some neat weapons. Not the best, but very good.
megatron has a kitty kat
awesome idea to down size ironhide. just 1 complaint is my irohide's rhight arm is a little warped because of the arm going into the gap on the bicep. his arms are hollow so im being careful with him. overall most screen accurate ironhide.
He looks great when you stand him next to Voyager Optimus and Deluxe Ratchet, but there aren't enough various figures that match up with that size scale for me to get really excited about a short Ironhide. The figure is really solid though.
Dr. Phil
I wish the feet weren't so noticeable in alt mode and that his arms weren't so stubby, but other than those minor complaints, Ironhide is a solid toy for a deluxe.
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