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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
), Deluxe (
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Reviews - Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Blade Bumblebee

Saw this 'bee at the store on clearance and picked it up due to the reviews. And... it really is probably one of the best deluxe Bumblebees. Dunno why the axe is upside-down, or why his gun-arm looks silly, but other than that, this is a solid 'bee
Best Bumblebee figure ever...
brandon swain
much more accurate sculpt in robot mode compared to previous versions of deluxe class camaro concept bumblebee with the transformation scheme taking many cues from revenge of the fallen human alliance bumblebee scaled down deluxe size
Nefarious Tumor
This is easily the best movie bumblebee figure. Great gimmicks, alt mode looks cool, and good transformation. However, the chest area in robot mode looks a little awkward, and he is missing some paint apps.
Possibly the best deluxe figure ever! Gimmicks don't affect the figure at all, although the battle mask was a bit hard to get down the first time on mine. I strongly reccomend you pick this up immediatley!
megatron has a kitty kat
This is the best deluxe bumblebee out there. Very similar to the human alliance bumblebee but with some minor differences that make this figure yet another new bumblebee mold that is much more awesome.
incredible figure awesome weapons and battle mask. a bit hard to transform but totally worth it either way
this figure is the difinative bb to own. beautiful look, 3 solid gimics, a movie acurate design, almost like the ha bb only smaller. pick this guy up. i have to give a shout out to capow toys for this figure's perchis
I hate re-buying new versions of TFs I already own; But dang do I LOVE this BB!! Better in almost every way than both the 07 and ROTF molds. My only wishes are that the axe was flipped and that he had wrist swivels. This is THE move 'Bee to own!
Buy this Bumblebee...he is without a doubt, the ultimate deluxe figure. He's got very good articulation (can even do a face palm) and very nice gimmicks including arm blaster, blade, and a sliding face plate. Don't hesitate on him.
Dr. Phil
Easily the best deluxe movie Bumblebee mold ever created. His feet are noticeable in alt mode (I'm not a big fan of seeing robot parts in alt mode) but that is a minor complaint.
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