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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
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Reviews - Hunt for the Decepticons Human Alliance Autobot Jazz with Capt. Lennox

One of the best HA figures! Pros: robot mode is very posable with good proportions, good paint & colours, NO backpack. Cons: in car mode, kibble on bottom prevents tires rolling. Gun has too much kibble & looks like a motorcycle. His body is hollow.
a fantastic reprisentation of jazz from movie 1. transformation is fantasticly acurate to the animation moddle. lennox is a good reprisentation but could have been better. however the bike more than makes up for the human. pick this up asap
The first Human Alliance I got. Movie accurate, great transformation (especially the motorcycle) and great playability. I'd give it 11, but 10's the highest.
i got him yesterdayat wal mart and he looks awesome and i like his vehicle and robot mode he is my favorite transformer and he has a different robot mode
A detailed, movie-accurate work of art w/ great fun TF'n. 2 things keep it from getting perfect 10: I wish wheels could fold into ankle like WFC Bumblebee's. 2.) I want headlights on shoulder to fold back so it's less obvious that they're not on wrists.
This toy is a detailed, movie-accurate work of art w/ super fun TF'n. 2 things keep it from getting my 10 score: 1) I wish the rear wheels could fold into his heel the way WFC Bumblebee's do. 2) Wish headlights were perfectly incorporated into wrists.
Nefarious Tumor
Easily the best human alliance to date. This is not only a much better representation of Jazz than the original deluxe, but overall a great figure. Human alliance gimmicks are kind of lame, but if you don't care about them, you will love this figure.
Very sharp looking vehicle mode! Small kibble on bottom though. Transformation is quite simple. Robot mode is very nice and proportioned. Love the fact that Jazz comes with a transforming ninja bike rifle. Jazz is the best human alliance figure out now.
Jazz is tied with Barricade for the best looking Human Alliance set in robot mode. As with deluxe Lockdown, I like how they made an ultra-class robot come out of just over a deluxe-sized vehicle.
Fantastic in both modes, I have no complaints about Jazz at all. The only part that looses a point is the Lennox figure who feels a bit short compared to the other HA humans. Absolutely recommend regardless.
Best movie jazz. Also close to being best HA figure. Has almost no issues and is very solid in car mode and looks very very awe inspiring in that mode as well. Bot mode is pretty solid too. Get him if you like HA he is a must.
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