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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
), Deluxe (
), Animated (
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Reviews - Animated Rodimus Minor (Toys R Us exclusive)

Love this fig. Crossbow weapon is sick. Looks fab in both modes. Sad that the animated line is no more cuz these were great figs. Also very poseable especially with his weapon. :)
This guy is everything great about Animated line. fun transformation, great posability, cool weapon, looks great in both modes. I wish this wasn't the end of the line, as more figures like this would be great. Wish the back wasn't as open in car mode, tho
Got his guy a week ago.he is every kind of awesome sauce.great G1 homage to hotrod and a great first hotrod in my collection.get him right now,he is one of the very best animated figures yet! Too bad he is one of the last.
grate figure. wish he came out earlyer but better late than never. love bot mode. love alt mode. thanks to capowtoys for this guy
A few issues with the left arm ball joint but got that squared away, not really thrilled by the double bow and arrow accessory since it doesn't transform and fit into the car mode, but really this is a solid figure.
Professor M!LK
Great toy and G1 homage. More complex transformation than expected. The car kibble on the forearms somewhat hinders the elbow articulation but thats a minor quibble. Otherwise its fantabulous!
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