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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), Deluxe (
), Reveal The Shield (
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Reviews - Reveal The Shield Special Ops Jazz

Can't complain about the toy at all. Wish the blue paint where the main number four sits would stay on a little better. But that's minor. Other than that it's amazing.
This is a great figure. It has a lot of detail, a well executed transformation, beautiful car mode. The speakers are a nice touch, though they do fill up the cabin interior too much for my tastes. Luckily, they pop off. Over all great figure.
Wow, truly a great update to the original design. Weapons are spot on, paint job is clean, and is overall just faithful to the original. I'm very hard to please when it comes to TF's, but this guy hit the nail smack on the head. Bravo, Hasbro. Bravo.
I've waited a long time to add Jazz to my autobot roster. The movie version just didn't cut it. This figure doesn't disappoint in both bot and car mode. Would be a ten if chest locked into place!
Overall, I like this figure, but it looses points for just not fitting together in robot mode. Converting weapon is a neat touch. Vehicle mode is great, robot mode is poseable. It's just that chest...
the best thin i ever did is buy this figure and model paint at the same time.i gave jazz the paint apps hasbro didnt and now this figure is the best version of jazz ever with his properly painted wheels,rear window,rims,grill and taillights.
a good jazz figure that looses points on the unlocking chest..but still a good figure for any one,s collection...must have? sort of...
a good jazz figure that looses points on the unlocking chest..but still a good figure for any one,s collection...must have? sort of...
ALMOST the perfect Jazz-- the legs are a little fiddly in places, and the chest won't lock into place. Other than that, you probably will not see a better G1 Jazz for a while, if ever. The white could be whiter, too.
fantastic update to a good caricter with aspects of g1 and movie jazz. looses a point for his chest not locking in but well worth having. looks good next to prowl from classics. pick him up
Dr. Phil
I guess I'm not drinking the Jazz Kool-Aid like everybody else. Don't get me wrong, this is a good figure (not great) but the lack of paint apps and non-locking chest would disappoint many people but since this is Jazz they overlook these issues.
Sidewinder hit the nail on the head, It's great to finally see Jazz in a fantastic deluxe form, and if this is the shape of things to come, then hurry up with releasing the rest of the line Hasbro!
Finally a deluxe class Jazz and it completely delivers. Great robot mode, fantastic car mode, engaging gimmicks, wonderful articulation and sculpting. Get him if you can.
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