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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), 2-packs (
), Power Core Combiners (
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Reviews - Power Core Combiners Heavytread with Groundspike

a good pare of figures. chubby bot mode but looks solid and ready to destroy some cons. minicon looks brutal and powerful. torso mode is fantastic and if there were autobot combatacons this would look steller with them
The minicon is not up to par, but HT makes up for it in spades. Commander mode is great, robot mode is great, and vehicle mode is fantastic.
First TF I'd ever describe as 'chubby', but really cool. Minicon could click together a little better in all modes, but that's a minor quibble. Commander mode looks battle-ready, and tank mode seems bigger than most PCC's. Wonderful addition to the set.
Heavytread is chunky with loads of detail & articulation, but needs to be named Guzzle! Groundspike is ok by minicon standards, just needs more paint apps; but the combined mode is solid & really looks the part..if you ike PCCs then this is 1 of the best
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