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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), Deluxe (
), Reveal The Shield (
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Reviews - Reveal The Shield G2 Optimus Prime

Overrated, short, prone to stress marks. The figure has a weird tab on his shoulder that hinders movement as a robot; holding the sword stretches his hand and gives it stress marks. I like the sculpt and engineering, but like Wreck-Gar it falls short.
Overall this is a great figure, and if you recall the classics two pack with a green megatron a few years back, this is the Optimus that SHOULD have gone in that one. He does feel really small if you pair him with any other figures.
Great figure, but the peg on his right shoulder restricts articulation. Unique weapon, posable overall. The back of the cab on mine doesn't sit well in vehicle mode, but overall, this is a great homage figure. Get it!
Very nice. Tons of articulation. Be careful with pushing the tires in, mine were a little busted. Only complaint other than tires is that the hands are a little iffy and the placement of some tabs is vexing. Could be bigger too.
Big Mac
Very good figure with a unique paint application,a nice homage to the 90s. Nice vehicle mode and robot mode. i am digging the matrix behind his chestplate. His sword takes some working to get in his hands,but otherwise a very good figure. Grade A
Is a little garish compared to others such as WFC Prime, but has bags more charm (& the matrix). Mine has silver paint on the windshield, so loses a point for qc...but that's mine, so go get him!
a good garish figure. beautiful design must have
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