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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
This item is marked as a duplicate of Reveal The Shield Legends Megatron.

Reviews - Reveal The Shield Legends Megatron [dup]

good figure overall. cn be held by mp screamer so is a must. bot mode is articulated in all the rite places and bigger than a standerd legend. ticks all the boxes exept for the orange tip and the over thick gun handle but add him to your cons
Easily one of the best legends figure out there. Great articulation, great scuplting, like Starscream hits the right marks in all the right places.
ONe of the coolest legends fig I've ever owned. Standard articulation for a legend and overall a must have! But is the orange barrel realy necessary?
THE best legends fig to date...looks like G1 Megs, has useful articulation for a change & can be held by MP Starscream etc. Loses a point for that *$!%&*~ orange barrel end!!!
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