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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2001
Categories: 2001 (
), Basic (
), Beast Machines (

Reviews - Beast Machines Hammerstrike

he is ok but not the best. i wish he had better arms and a better weapon but gimic is pritty coool
E^D Crow
A great toy! The "Spark Crystal" gimmick works well, though it doesn't stick out very far. Great beast mode! It even moves like a real shark swims, due to the leg joint position. Odd looking robot mode, overall nice, except for those weird claw/hands.
Hollywood Narrator
Good beast mode, good and poseable robot mode, but bad arms. Nice gimmick. Plastic a bit on the weak side, plus it has useless ball joints on it's legs where swivels would have been better, but it's still very cool and worth seeking out.
Very skinny and looks like he's missing something in the way of a face with a way to big weapon, but somehow it works in a sleak kind of way. If you see one get it, he is a fun toy. EVILMUS PRIME
Puzzle Rattrap
Spend your money on something else. Complete garbage.
This is my favorate toy of the year. They've come out with two previous shark toys that have totally unposable beast modes. this one is totally posible, has a cool transformation, and looks great in both modes! You've got to have this one.
He's certainly very cybertronian looking! Amazing amount of detail. It was hard to get excited bout him cuz he wasn't in the show and I knew he never would be. Overall a well designed toy that's a little too freaky & takes some getting used to.
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