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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
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Reviews - Energon Rodimus

At ten dollars, this one is a no-brainer. I love the gold flames on the hood, the facial sculpt, just the overall look of this figure. This one stands out amongst the other Energon autobots, highly recommended.
Finally, a new Rodimus toy! Although I can't get used to calling him Rodimus (I always say Prime afterewards), he is a brilliant toy in a all modes. Only bad thing is his arms in upper-torso powerlink mode. Other than that, brilliant!
Like Inferno, Rodimus pays homage to his G1 namesake (especially in bot mode):D His blaster can be used by any Armada or Energon toy that has Mini-con posts.
Both the vehicle and robot mode look great. The only shortcoming is that its small head looks very weird in the powerlinx mode if you use it for the upper section.
Definetly worth getting.Not only a well made homage,but he fits in with Energon well.His p-linx mode as legs looks better than most.His upper body p-linx takes a little getting use too.Overall I think for most fans its cool to have a new Rodimus figure.
Best Energon Transformer so far. Looks great in vehicle mode/ Robot mode could habe been a little better (especially the arms) but is good to. Poweerlinx gimmix is interesting but could have been executed better. A really good Transformer though.
Ace of Spades
Cool homage and lots of fun to play with in vehicle mode. Robot mode is too disproportional and he can't move his arms very well. Bad Energon port location. Very nice powerpants mode, but an abyssmal powershirt mode. Not the best to come out of Energon.
Fantastic homage to Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime both!! Looks great in both modes. I can't wait for Powerlinx Prime to come out to powerlinlk these two together!
Rodimus prime
he is the best of the best
I think Rodimus is the colest Autobot yet. He even combins cool and his gun is awesome. I give him a 10.
Optimus fan
in the words of Ronald Mcdonald, " I'm loving it, babahbabah" he is awsome. he has a good powerlinx arm mode and has lots of articulation. very good
Definately one of the best in the Energon line. Detailed, cool-looking in both modes, and pretty articulated. Good powerlinx arms mode, but legs mode is better. The huge heel supports make it probably able to combine with ultra's better.
Great homage to Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime. Good as both legs and head for any combination. Will probably take Ironhide's place in Energon as the young hotshot.
Mrh, got 2 of him because I though he'd look good double-powerlinked, not bad. Sacrifices to posablility in robot mode make me kinda sad, considering the recent trend in TF's, but I like the rig mode. Can't wait to get Landmine and powerlink to him.
robimus prime
just got this for my son today i think he is one of the greats awsome transform and robot . i give it a 10 + . been waiting for a rodimus
CatSCAN 2006
Doesn't look as bad as a top as most people say, best as legs and combined w/ Inferno. 'Bot mode is sweet, big legs look nice, cool head sculpt and flame details. Vehicle mode looks sleek and tough at the same time. Very nice, even just on his own.
Pretty darn cool...one thing though i didn't like... his legs could be better if the grill didn't hide them. But he is a great testament to the original rodimus glad to have himas part of my collection.
Head is a little too small and poseablity of the arms seems a bit limited. Face looks more show accurate ran previous Rodimus figures. With a trailer, this figure could have easily been in the Mega price point.
Vortex Prime
this is one slick semi-rig looks great in both modes .looks great when combined with prowl. Rodimus Prowl the other autobot leader. has a cool ring to it i think, good idea for a fanfic.
cool toy, lame as heck show. looks great in both modes
Rodimus Prime
Nice... but your all saying that totaly G1, but I have the G1 figure, but thry dont match very mutch. But I gues it's k-i-n-d-a G1. Of course overall it is a great figure, I think that the show suKs!
Optimus Prime
Ok form copy off of g2 Optimus Prime but other wise its cool. He has a nice gun also.
Rodimus Prime
He is a really cool Transformer. Nice robot mode and weapon. Like the thing how he looks like G1 face Rodimus Prime. If you get a tf get Rodimus right away.
Rodimus was incredibly cool. The racing semi vehicle mode is great looking and reminds me of the original. The robot mode is sweet. This is my first Energon figure and I hope the rest is just as cool.
I would have to say this figure is probably the best to come out of this set. He makes great legs for any of the powerlinked figures. As a stand alone figure he's still pretty awesome.
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