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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
), Leader (
), Energon (

Reviews - Energon Megatron

great figure and nice homage to G1 Galvatron. Articulation isn't the greatest but he is imposing in size and fun to transform. I like that the sound and lights are contained in the tank as to keep them out of the way of transformation. A must have.
Decepticon Spike
Nice visual homage to the G1 Galvatron toy, and about as possable. However,
cool imposing figure. auto transform in the legs. grate tribute to g1 galvatron.
Megatron g1
I like him also he lookes like the galvatron that dose not look like the show you know g1 US galvatron
Heero Yuy
3 words: Best Megatron ever.
Este Transformers debió llamarse desde el comienzo Galvatron, es un adelanto para la linea Classics, es como debió ser el primer juguete G1, gran figura, muy buenas articulaciones, debes tenerlo!!
Very cool!! I've always luved Megs and I still do!! Luv the jet mode, the sword, the colors, everything about him!!!! I just think they shouldn't repaint him that's all.
He is a little bulky wich kinda limits posability. The sword needs a handle. Although this Megs is cool as a jet The awesome part is the Galv resemblence which makes him a 10+! THe ultimate nemesis of Prime!
Wow- this is a good Transformer! With lots of guns and power, its really good! And it is easy to transform.
Minion of Unicron
It is a great toy and is a good new version of the Armada Megatron but it look very much of Galvatron. If thay make a Megatron that not look ase Galvatron and make a Galvatron in a new body, that i really love it.
Positives - looks just like G1 Galvatron. Negatives - Why named Megatron instead of Galvatron? Laser guns can not come off and go on arms like G1 Galvatron. Sword should be able to be held in hands otherwise a great figure in both modes.
Fallen Ronin
- Very physically pronounced. - Lacking in articulation. - A true homeage to the Galvatron televison design from G1 & the figure design's color scheme. - Interesting 'Energon' gimmicks.
This is a great toy megatron he has a sord that lights up and also he has cooooooooooooooool wings with lots of detale.
Unicron X
He costs too much and he need more articulations, but is a very fantastic transformers
The best ,but that gay tank looks stupid . It's kool that it shoots a missile.His shoulder cannons are just enough . And the sword is kool, but it needs a handle.Man he puts up a good fight when he atacks my fort maximus.He kills alot of minicons!
Great homage to G1 Galvatron, and a super job putting it al together. Yeah he's easy to TF, but he's still very menacing looking. Love the size but wish his price was cheaper. Looking forward to the redeco.
He should be calld galvatron and why is he a jet he should be a handgun or a cannon like g1.
Bloody excellent figure. Hasbro are releasing an Energon Megatron repaint and calling him Galvatron. As if give this guy a one. He's much better than Armada version
This guys the greatest, the best decepticon in energon his robot looks so much like G1 Galvatron so at least hasbro's bringing out a purple repaint of megatron and are calling it Galvatron. his jet mode and his hyper mode are great aswell.
As tall as Super Prime, which is good and nice matching colours. I recommend get both Prime and him as they fit well on a bench or closet.
Megacron X 2 9
i have him and let me just say, hes is awsome
Unicron -z 3000
I really like the jet mode for Megatron! The cannons and everything else about him makes him look pretty close to the G1 Galvetron. I enjoyed buying him a long time ago, and he looks excellent with other transformer toys all around him.
what a good looking toy great color scheme & the energon weapons sweet the only thing that worrys me is that in short time there gonna repaint it and change the name to galvatron and that fu--ing suxs cause this decepticon leader is perfect the way he is
well i em impressed this toy has it all good weapons and modes & the best thing of all is hes got great attributes of both the g1 galvatron & megatron hes got the good body sculp of galvatron and yet the good color scheme of megatron very well done
Leader 1
This is my first energon figure that I bought so I had high expectations and he met with all of them I just wish that tank on his arm did somthing more than sit on his arm and why does he still not have the voice from the show all he has are 2 sounds
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