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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
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Reviews - Universe Sunstorm w/ Street Action Team (Wal-Mart Exclusive - Grindor, High Wire, Sureshock, Inferno

The mold is cool and the Sunstorm paint job is cool though Sunstorm was a seeker not a conehead. Mini-Cons (Inferno aside) though cool do not match him at all. Just think of it as a versus pack. :-P
Decepticon Monica
Not really as bad as I thought. We picked him up for $3 at Walmart, and were pleasantly surprised. His posability is good and his vehicle mode is nice. Still, when the heck are we going to get a REAL sunstorm made out of an energon Starscream mold?
bad coloring with bad mini-cons yeesh those are the worst 3 minicons EVER!!!!!!!!! witout the minicons its a 6
Rodimus Prime
This TF is great. I like how they finally made a toy of Sunstorm. He comes with 4 mini-cons. He is a repaint of Thrust but he is a completly different guy. This one is better. The bad part is his head because it is loose.
Seeker, Conhead or just a plain stinker of a TF. My God how low things have become.
War Bearer
It would of been better if it cost $15
cobra commander
He is a cool repaint And a cool mold to begin with but 20 bucks whats the deal
Problem has been fixed. Must have been an error when it was placed at the Energon reviews.
why did they use thrusts mold why couldn't they have used armada starscreams mold. By dreamwave he is starscreams super powered clone. This is one you should only pick up if you don't have thrust or get him on sale or pick him at a fleamarket for $3.
Vortex Prime
Thrust is a cool figure, when he is called thrust only. repaints are the devil. Hasbro, invest in some new molds.your sales will increase. we want fresh and new,not old and a different color.
Yet ANOTHER repaint of Thrust. Ironically, if you take the cost of Armada Thrust, and add it to the cost of the original Street Action Team, this actually costs MORE. LAME
I'm confused. Is he Tf Universe or TF Energon? On other sites they said he was TF Universe. seems like it because people probably can't use the mini-cons name twice. See yah.
I like this guy. The Thrust mold was one of the few worth having from armada, good detail and poseability. Colors are unrealistic, but looks good anyway. Street minicons are wierd combo and new colors blow.
overlord 1972
love this rd sunstorm i like hot colors
Man how many times do we need another Thrust repaint. Yeah it's cool they named him after G1 Sunstorm but that's where the coolness ends. Nothing like a bright orange Thrust to stink up your collection. Come on people Sunstorm was a seeker not a conehead
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