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Reviews - G1 Ironhide

I really like Ironhide character. But his robot mode... had to purchase the head to make him like at least similar to the cartoon (the fault was on the cartoon). The robot if ugly to the max, from head to feet. The van is ok, but I prefer Skids.
you put up a very good argument but you gotta give points for the base but toy totaly sufferd from it proving that if hasbro makes one part awsome the other can't
Yeah, even by 1984 toy standards, the head being a poorly designed sticker, located beneath the windshield was a major bummer. Van mode was decent, transformation okay tho too simple even by '84 standards. A mediocre toy for a top notch show persona.
Gotta agree that the head just loses points for this guy. Ironhide/Ratchet were the first transformers that committed the sin of letting a gimmic (the secondary base) harm the quality of the toy. Thats just getting one's priorities backwards.
Bass X0
How the heck could he have looked more like the cartoon when the toy came first!? Blame the cartoon for not looking a lot more like the toy. If there was ever a mold that highlighted Transformers' Diaclone roots then this is it. Not a bad toy, just dated.
Pains me to rate him so low, because I like the char, but really lame looking in bot mode (flat head w/ stikcer for a face?) He should have tranformed more like Skids did and looked A LOT more like the cartoon. Would also be nice if he could HOLD a gun.
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