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Release year: 1984
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Reviews - G1 Ratchet

I think G1 Ratchet oozes fun.The van mode is cool,and like Diaclone designs,its realistic and is unusual as its one of the few that isn't a race car.The robot mode is typical Diaclone with its awkward robot,but also wins big because of the fun base-mode.
His robot mode... had to purchase the head to make him like at least similar to the cartoon (the fault was on the cartoon). The robot completely is really ugly, from head to feet. The van is ok, but I prefer Skids.
He is a 5 but with the repro head they made for him he is alot better
every one hates it for the head i found other reasons to not like it but hopefully the classics 2.0 line will resurrect his coolness
devastator 217
I like this toy but I dont like his robot mode what the heck hapend did they not watch thear own show to know what he actually looked like!!!! A little disaponting
A great character but the toy is just okay. This toy does not stand the test of time like many of the other G1 Transformers. I could not imagine my collection without Ratchet and Ironhide but neither toy has a great design. Buy it but do not expect much.
I love this ancient Diaclone mold, very original for the epoch.
The Encore version has a punch-out head you can add to the robot mode to make him look more like the cartoon. Not the greatest, but at least an attept. I replaced the head sticker with the upgrade from Reprolabels and I think it looks much better
Bass X0
How the heck could he have looked more like the cartoon when the toy came first!? Blame the cartoon for not looking a lot more like the toy. If there was ever a mold that highlighted Transformers' Diaclone roots then this is it. Not a bad toy, just dated.
Pains me to rate him so low, because I like the charecter and the alt mode a lot. But really lame looking in bot mode (flat head w/ stikcer for a face?) He should have tranformed more like Skids did and looked A LOT more like the cartoon.
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