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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 1984
Categories: 1984 (
), Jets Assortment 1 (
), G1 (
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Reviews - G1 Thundercracker

The Decepticon jet with the most evil color scheme! I loved the seekers when I was a boy living on a Air Force base. Vehicle mode is a good representation of an F-15. Bot mode is classic evil seeker as we all know them. Great bot from evil air trio.
The details on the jet mode are awesome. The robot mode is great. My least favorite from the first 3 wave because of the colors and the character himself.
devastator 217
Wean I got this two pack,(I got all of my encores on X-mas eve night)...I was stoked to see what they were like but unforchanatally mine had this oil all over them so that kinda made putting on the stikers a little tricky. :(
cool fig and great color scheme but the color scheme is not as good skywarp
Ryan D
I bought my Thundercracker complete at a hobby shop for $40 and in good condition, but I'm bummed that his cockpit piece doesn't stay put when he's in robot mode. My TC's head has a tendency to tilt backward just a bit. Is this a problem with the mold?
The seekers all shared the same mold, and it all boiled down to how they looked, and how much you liked the character due to limited articulation. Thundercracker is simply Starscream in blue, and he's kinda cool looking, but I wouldn't get him over Jazz.
I like the 1984-85 jets in general. Wish you could stow the fists somewhere in alt mode. Otherwise, great villains. Loses 1 point for sharing a mold with FIVE OTHER guys. (And Rhinox? He wouldn't be a 10! He's an 8, -1!)
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