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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2001
Categories: 2001 (
), Mega (
), Beast Machines (
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Reviews - Beast Machines Rattrap

interesting design. huntchbacked though and a little odd but get him if you can. would have worked better at dlx or basic
favorite character but he is terrible in robot mode..
Hot Rod
Cool Rattrap. He is not as good as the original
Aluminus Kann
Nicely made. Looks a little like a hunchback, but he got the legs he so badly needed in action figure form. And take if from a rat owner, this is the most realistically shaped ratform RT's had so far.
Rattrap is the bomb. His toy makes it the best
Ronald MacK
A fairly decent toy, but in robot mode his torso is too big, he looks like a hunchback. Lots of nice little movement features, wish his visor would slide down over his face though.
This is one cewl rat! He's large, has great detail and has nice gimmicks. It is a minor flaw that the wheels can't turn. Otherwise a great toy.
D-012 Scourge (continued)
complete garbage. complete garbage just like rosy o' donnalds @$$. hey rosy, lay off the donuts and try some clementines.
ps matra
This is a nice sculpt, colors are nice wthout being too cartoony for such a mold full of character. A little out of scale from other Tfs and doesnt blend hardly at all, set aside and youll almost be pleased, he looks nice but hes in a league of his own
Puzzle Rattrap
Arguably the best of the Rattrap toys.
Skelotron(12/26/02)- nice look though they could have made the rat head look better,still nice touch letting him have wheels change to legs since he only had wheels for hind legs in robot mode on the show.
A little bulky for my tastes...he's much more sleek on the show. Worth getting though: How cool is it to say to your friends "Hey, I have a green robot rat in my room! Wanna see?". Man, you'll be making so many friends it ain't even funny!
Angel Convoy Prime
Rattrap's one of my favorite characters, so this toy was kind of a letdown. He seems really fat. Give me TM Rattrap any day.
D-012 Scourge
Worst rattrap ever. the wheels dont even move.
I expected a little more from this toy. It would be much better if it was to scale with the other BM's. It is cool how the wheels are incorporated making it show accurate.
For the charactor model thy had to work with the toy is quite nice, I'm presonally not a big fan of this whole look for him. I like the beast mode a lot. But as for the robot mode, either the show could use some legs, or the toy could use some bigger whee
I'm not usually impressed with Mega toys. I don't know why, but they always seem less sturdy than Deluxe. Rattrap's model-like usability and less-than-desirable arms are countered however, with lots of fine details, and some cool features.
The toy is much better than 3D model in shows. Only complaint is that I wish rat head had a better paint job, more detials. But the gizmos of head turn/swivel is amazing. Bot head is very detailed, nicely done as are legs, which I wish he had in show
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