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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 1984
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Reviews - G1 Megatron

Wow i just love this figure. The gun mode is fantastic and robot mode looks good to. Unfortunately I broke one of his arms but gun mode can still be achieved. Also i managed to get him on a plane in robot mode :P
Great chrome paint and complex transformation. The figure is unfortunately very fragile, mine lost his head, both arms and the barrel. I had to glue them back. The toy was born in Japan long before the TV show, so no surprise that he looks different.
He's horrible...
He gun mode is amazing, looks exactly like a real gun, only closer observation tells it is a toy. I never liker the robot mode, he doesn´t seem at all like G1 Meggie (that´s why is a 9 instead of a 10). But he is the first. Great material too.
Your Mom
The only one I still have. Pawned the rest of them like an idiot. Does anyone remember the season closer where Prime pushed him into the lava pit and he reemerged the next season as a purple laser gun(via the new guntoy law) before becoming a helicopter?
The most wicked toy ever created! Although Meg's alt mode makes little sense today it fits him perfectly. I love all the chrome parts and realistic pistol look. The die cast metal also makes this Megatron real durable.This Megatron is a absolute classic.
Best Megatron ever,Epic figure..I really miss this figure,I sold him in 1995-what a loser
I had mine for years, and it's still got its original package and everything the only thing its missing is the little chrome gudn. Now my question is how much would i be able to sell it for? the condition is great and the joints are just a little loose.
My favorite Transformer of all time. One of the most difficult to transform and clunky to boot. But, it is a freaking gun with a scope and a silencer. How cool is that?
I do not have enough space to state how awesome this toy is. This is without a doubt one of the best toys ever. I can still remember receiving him for Christmas of 84. In the 24 years since there has still not been a toy made that matches his coolness.
teletraan 2
The toy in gun mode without the attacthments looks better personally.His legs however don't move that well like most G1 toys.the toy itself not minding the problems is great to collect
Sorta cool how the original Megatron was a gun, not a jet. Looks a lot like a real gun. Classic!
Megatron is awesome, if a little hard to get. He looks like a real P38, and attatchments make it a whole lot fun. It's slightly inaccurate to the show, but I still love it. Try to pick up the TF Collection Reissue, it has an Energy Mace.
A wonderful piece, especially for its time. Not perfect. He flopped around a lot in transformation but I have lots of fond memories of my toy Prime and him fighting. And no, G1 megs is not allowed on airplanes. That was made official several years ago.
One of the greatest villains of all time. Cool/complex transformation. He's two different guns. He has a gun. He has a bigger gun. His loose parts make an even BIGGER gun. Plus his alt mode actually LOOKS like a gun! I bet they wouldn't let in on a plane!
lord megatron
A very well-rounded figure, though, a little less Viagra and he could look natural. IMO better than prime, a lot more complex than him thats for sure! I'm giving him a ten for the simple fact that, he's megatron, and he was one of the earlier transformers
How perfect is it that the original Megatron had an alternate mode which by today's child safety standards makes it an illegal toy?! Gun mode & tf'n are great but leg joints often got loose & we always wished bot looked more like he was depicted in shows.
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