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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2001
Categories: 2001 (
), Basic (
), Beast Machines (
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Reviews - Beast Machines Spy Streak

I just wasn't two impressed with this toy. He's got an alright transformation. Vehical mode is alright, robot mode's nothing special, and the colors are pretty much ugly.
Another soldier to add to the Vehicon arsenal. Since he seems to be based on an SR-71, I would like to see him in black or something a little less "army". (Is he supposed to be camouflaged for cybertron post-B.M. or what?) The robot arms are nice, too.
Jet mode is cool, bot mode is ok, tf'n is okay too. I dunno, maybe it's cuz the toy's release was so far after the end of BM shows, I'm just not that excited about Spystreak. His arms seem a little awkward, but otherwise a decent toy.
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