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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2001
Categories: 2001 (
), Basic (
), Beast Machines (
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Reviews - Beast Machines Battle Unicorn

cool little beast. the robot looks like a knight. the beast mode is inavative. only equine beast we have. just wish we got mach kick
Primal fuzor
A walking death unicorn. awesome. Cool samurai look in robot mode,with a badass weapon. Hasbro could have iven him a better name though.
The Ol' Dave
Ready for battle or love? Never thought a unicorn would show up in a TF line. Agree w/ RX-78 on name, + Brian's reveiw. Colors fit bio card powers. Weapon matches fearsome face. Be warned arm pads fall off + bot body splits.
BU is beyond all other transformers from that set. A great beast mode, and a superb robot mode. He reminds me of a great samuri of japan. Put several of these guys together and create a squad of BU's! Too bad for fragile shoulder pads...
Good figure. Too bad his name is completely unimaginative.
Aluminus Kann
I'm impressed with this one. Inevitable actually with Dragons (Megatron), Gryphons(Tigerhawk) there should be a Unicorn. Good figure and thanks to them for showing restraint in not getting too goofy wih it. Transforming fairies, elves etc. Nuff said
Puzzle Rattrap
Quite cool for a small Transformer. The poseability is good and the attack action passable. The biggest flaw is use of fragile translucent plastic.
I think that he is one of the best and most likely hard to find figures. Being a rare figure is a plus in my books. The only thing that would make him better is if he was a deluxe.
Battle Unicorn takes me straight to another world. His armor and magestic colors really grab me. Also, has a top-notch head. BU has one of the most individual faces of TFs. Just a thought: is BU too striking and detailed to be a basic?
His colors are very similiar to Del BM OpPrimal but bright red accents make it MUCH better. Excellent beast mode & I appreciate that they gave bot different arms/legs not just horse hoofs for hands/feet! Battle axe weapon is a great idea, looks sweet
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