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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2002
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Reviews - Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) Air Attack Optimus Primal (Supreme - TRU exclusive)

i think that he may be the the primal yet i picked him up at toys R us and it was like a gift from god every thing about him is top rank
I dont have it but it looks cool and acuallty it deserves a 100 just for being so show accuarate though too bad this wasnt released in bm
I give it such a bad rating because Beast Mavhines Primal did not deserve that big a toy I like megabolt, but look at the size of him, why is hasbro so against making a Megatron toy that is equal or better than an Optimus, in size at least
Very nice but WAYYYYYYYYYY to big!!!!
I was excited and paid $40 on eBay expecting a great toy. Now I realized that,like the Armada Prime, this figure was more hype than anything else. Sure, it looks nice, but the transformation is almost McDonald level. An overpriced statue, if you ask me.
A big lump of plastic with programmed hippie sayings, simplistic transformation, and uninspired modeling (This is the third toy of the same character), and most of all, a high price tag makes this toy a disappointment.
Brandon Williams
The best Beast Transformer I own, which although isn't saying much, does mean a lot. Definitely in the top 5 RiD toys, too. I love the fingers and the gimmicks on this big guy. Towers over combiners, too.
This is a great transformer. A lot of thought and design went into this figure. Great poseability, great sounds, and looks great in either mode. This figure is a must have for any transformer fan.
how god has saved the line of Beast Machine with wat i like to call Monkey Butt Prime. I love all the sounds and how good the colors look on this.
Kronatron Pi
I'd actually say a 9.5... Coolest maximal in a long time, best of the Primals. Only thing that can get annoying are stupid show sounds that can drive you crazy. Gary Chalk is cool, tho. Get 2 or more if you can! great toy!
Richard F. Suarez (Comics Section)
This is one of my favorite TFs of all time. Still, it has flaws. You can't face his knuckes forward like apes do and Primal did in the show. I also miss the ability to make the beast head snarl like in the mega and hate the Robot mode's face expression
great detail, love the posable hands, hard to balance, using gary chalk was the best idea! the other sounds are useless and go off to easliy, the punching action is cool, the worst thing is that his one arm is ALWAYS falling off, the butt is cute
Not as great as reputed. Needs more posability, especially in the arms, and the beast mode bothers me...the robot head is just hanging out of his stomach. Worst of all, the arms CONSTANTLY fall off!! Not bad, but for the $, I was kind of disappointed.
I'm not much of a fan of MONKEY'S, but i gotta hand it to Hasbro, this one is pretty cool. Intense detail and awesome appearance as well. I'm not a great fan of the fire in the jet-pack either.
awesome. this thing is huge. both forms are impressive. voice and sounds are a nice touch. go out and buy it now.
I love It! I have been annoying my roommates for the last week with him. One of them still can,t figure out how to turn off his jet pack. I just wish they had mad a tankor like this!
An incredible tribute to Optimus Primal. Awesome details, show accurate, posable fingers- The Great Ape goes out with a bang. I always liked O. Primal and this toy treats the character with the respect he deserves. Hasbro- we need more toys like this!
I never like BM's Optimus but for a toy this is a fans dream come true. It looks and sounds just like the TV one did and for BM that says alot
High Road
I just bought two him (one to keep MIB) today and all I can say is "kick ass"! No argument that he is the best show accurate. Why I give him a 9 out of 10 you ask? The sound acctivation button is WAY too sensitive. I too recommend buying him.
AAOP is probably the best electronic TF ever, and after the dissapointing supereme cheetor i wasnt sure what AAOP was gonna be like, i wasnt dissapointed one bit. overall hasbro's best detailed TF yet.
I love the big guys, and the size of this toy is great. I actually liked Supreme Cheetor and this guy is about 10x better. All of the electronics are amazing and the gimmicks are wonderful. Best of all, it is show accurate, finally!!
Great sounds. The blue fur is cool, but stupid to have plastic fire come from the jets. Sweet punching and disc. Both modes good. The mokey but is ok, but i am more bothered by the robot six pack hanging off the back. Arched back Gorillia mode looks odd
Once you see this baby, you will shoot yourself, if decide not to buy it now and miss out on it later. He has to be the bestest best TF, ever.
REALLY cool toy. Lots of features that are cool including gravity chip. Only 1 problem is size its too big but thats not that big of a deal. One of the best bm toys out.
I think I'd have to say that this IS the best BM toy Hasbro made. WOW!!! great transformation, colors, looks great in both modes, sound features, disk shooter, punching fist are all great!!! He's SUPER posable. I highly suggest buying this toy!
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