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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2004
Categories: 2004 (
), Misc. (
), Universe (

Reviews - Universe Nemesis Prime (big convoy redeco - Target exclusive)

i have big convoy myself and i am wanting this figure but if i give bigconvoy the 10 nemesis defo gets 10
Some of the pieces don't fit all that well in Beast Mode, but overall an amazing toy. So glad the mold finally made it to the U.S.(Not in Canada though, my mom picked one up in Baltimore for me!)
Nemesis Wheeljack
He's my brother!
Nemesis Prime looks cool in both modes and he is one of the best transformes out right now. I don't like that the mamaoth trunk is part of the canon wepon, He looks awsom with the Dark Saber and the Dead Matrix looks just as cool in his hand.
Just the name alone would strike fear in the sparks of the cybertronians,both Autobot and Decepticon.Its one of the best 'Prime' recolors i've ever seen.Put him next to 'Optimus primal' and laugh yourself silly.
A beautiful figure in both modes that takes an hour and a half to transform. Seriously, I've only ever resorted the manual for Unicron and was extremely tempted to do it again. Still, a fun figure if you limit his transformations to once per blue moon.
draconis of nebulos
Fun and fairly complex TF'n. Solid and stable in both Mammoth and robot mode. Beast mode gimmicks are really cool. Dead Matrix Annex for robot even cooler. Big gun rocks. Great TFormer for great price. Supremely recommended!
Why isnt universe out the uk this decepticon is awesome, ok hes only a repaint of big convoy from beast wars neo but I still think hes great. and should have been a decepticon in beast wars neo.
this is among the greatest transformers ever!
shadow es
Great toy, beast mode doesn't always hold together that well.
Decepticon Monica
Wow! My husband collects transformers, and I mostly leave that up to him, but I HAD to have this toy. Totally powerful and evil looking, he even comes with a Dead Matrix. Seriously, buy him! Now!
the matrix
Finally a Nemesis that has his own mold design, Mamaoth Convoy had this design in the Japanese Beast Wars but it never made it to the US. Love the robot mode, the beast mode not so much.
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